Posters: Eat & Drink in Italian Advertising: 1890-1970

Posters - Eat and Drink in Italian Advertising - 1890-1970

Posters: Eat & Drink in Italian Advertising: 1890-1970 offers the opportunity to delight in the graphic creativity of the advertising of Italy's major food producers, including Cinzano spumante, Perugina chocolate, Saiwa biscuits and Voiello pasta, as well as campaigns launched by Cirio and Star. Compiling a substantial collection of covers, it provides an overview of Italian imagery from the late nineteenth century to the period of postwar reconstruction, through the drauftsmanship of artists such as Cappiello, Dudovich, Codognato, Mauzan, Seneca and Boccasile.


Author Mario Piazza, Alessandro Bellenda

ISBN 9788836630561

Category Advertising Books

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