Design Firms in Belgium

  1. NEY +Partners

    NEY +Partners

    Ney & Partners design structures. We have a global presence and our engineers, architects and designers have diverse, international backgrounds. Our team embodies a wealth of different insights, coupled with a vast amount of adaptability and empathy. We combine different types of mutually reinforcing expertise. The knowledge gained in the design of bridges and special structures is utilised in the stability of buildings, and vice versa.

    Boondael, Watermael-Boitsfort

    Category Engineering Design Companies

  2. Gentle and More

    Gentle & More

    Gentle & more is a product design office and strategic design consultancy in Ghent, Belgium. We focus on the connection between the user, product and brand, to kick start developments and push the boundaries of the current market.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  3. Comate


    Comate is a dynamic and expanding company that excels in the process of engineering and designing novel products and machinery. The aim of our passionate team of engineers and designers is to cooperate with their clients in order to develop a unique product that is more innovative and more advanced than anything that is currently on the market. We translate the ideas of our clients from different sectors into a success in the market.

    Category Engineering Design Companies

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    Imaginif is one of Europe's leading retail design agencies. The analysis of consumer needs, purchasing behaviour and marketing generate unique design concepts for the retail sector.

    Category Retail Design Companies

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    Pars Pro Toto

    Pars Pro Toto is a full service design agency, specialized in the strategic accompaniment and implementation of innovation projects within a product development and service design context. Our solutions take a variety of forms, both tangible and intangible. We develop innovative products, services, brands and environments.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

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    Studio Dott

    Studio Dott, formerly known as Concrete, was founded in 2000. Studio Dott is an all-round creative design agency and consultancy based in Antwerp and Hong Kong. Studio Dott provides services in all aspects of innovation and optimization. We breathe and apply the design thinking methodology and mindset to create new digital and physical products, services, environments, interactions and experiences to create value for our customers.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Consultancies

  7. Yellow Window

    Yellow Window

    We support private and public actors to optimize, differentiate and innovate their products and services. Our approach is to always place users and their experience at the centre of all projects by mobilizing methods bringing together observation, participation, analysis and creativity.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  8. Pantopicon


    We are a foresight and design studio. We enable people and organizations to see, design for and act upon the challenges which tomorrow might bring. Through speculative and analytical means, we craft tools and processes, stories and strategies, products and experiences to stimulate debate, inspire action and catalyse change.

    Category Design Consultancies

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    Casimir Meubelen

    Casimir is the leading Belgian furniture designers of his generation. His designs are characterized by his use of warm, rich varieties of wood. He is known as much for the sensuality of his furniture as for its elementary massiveness.

    Category Furniture Design Companies