Designers in Italy

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    Davide Radaelli

    Davide Radaelli Design Studio, based in Milano, is an Italian office providing a multidisciplinary design and communication consultancy for international clients from all over the world. The studio works in the fields of product design, exhibit and interior architecture, graphic design & communication. We also work as project managers for international companies developing Italy-based projects and events.

    Category Industrial Designers

  2. Christian Grande

    Christian Grande

    Uniting his passion for car and yacht design, in 1992 Christian began his specialization in yacht design creating new designs for Sessa Marine, a historic fifty year old Italian nautical company: so far he has designed more than 100 yachts for the major Italian and international shipyards.

    Category Yacht Designers

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    Michele De Lucchi

    Michele De Lucchi explores the deep interaction between architectural thinking, industrial design and global communication to promote functionality and clarity in an ever-changing society.

    Category Multidisciplinary Designers

  4. Olimpia Zagnoli

    Olimpia Zagnoli

    Olimpia Zagnoli is a Milan based illustrator. Her style is characterized by soft shapes and chameleonic colors that she uses to create bold illustrations, odd music videos and curious objects.

    Category Illustrators

  5. Francisco Gomez Paz

    Francisco Gomez Paz

    Design studio based in Milan and Argentina founded in 1999. We have developed design and communication projects for clients such as Lego, Hitachi, BMW, Fiat, Mondadori, Paolo Rizzatto, Alberto Meda, Fabbian, Conven Apen Group and Sumampa.

    Category Industrial Designers

  6. Emiliano Ponzi

    Emiliano Ponzi

    Emiliano Ponzi is an illustrator based in Milan, he works for international clients as New York Times, New Yorker, Le Monde. Emiliano Ponzi's bold textured illustrations employ repetition, a judicious use of line, strong graphic compositions and the use of conceptual metaphors to define and communicate the concept at hand.

    Category Illustrators

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    Angela Tonali

    Angela Tonali continues to develop a lifelong passion for jewellery and jewelled accessories. Her designs are ductile and diversified, soft and simple shapes combine with modern and assertive forms.

    Category Jewelry Designers

  8. Fulvio De Simoni

    Fulvio De Simoni

    Fulvio De Simoni is an Italian yacht designer. Simoni is an enthusiastic nautical lover who has always fought sameness and totally revolutionized the aesthetic precepts and the yachting panorama. His nonconformist attitude vividly reflects in his designs.

    Category Yacht Designers

  9. Giacomo Moor

    Giacomo Moor

    Giacomo Moor is a designer who lives and works in Milan. Moor creates furniture and furnishing accessories for private clients and design companies. In his workshop he follows the entire production process, from initial concepts through to finished work.

    Category Furniture Designers

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    Enrico Maria Cicchetti

    Enrico Maria Cicchetti is an architect with over twenty years of experience with a portfolio of both local and international clients. He successfully manages the planning and execution of both internal and external projects ranging from interior design and gardens to monument restoration and urban planning.

    Category Architects