Design Studios in Italy

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  1. Piuarch


    Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini and Monica Tricario formed the Piuarch studio in 1996 out of a desire to merge different experiences into a shared architectural project. Piuarch designs public buildings, office and residential complexes, commercial spaces, boutiques, shopping malls and even urban plans, with the contribution of consultants from various disciplines.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  2. Bartoli Design

    Bartoli Design

    Experienced Italian industrial design studio, specialized in furniture and product design. From marketing strategies to mock-ups and product technical development, their activity embraces the full spectrum of design services and also extends to architecture and interior design.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  3. DEGW


    DEGW is the brand of Lombardini22 group specialized in integrated design of work environments. DEGW was founded in 1973 by Duffy, Eley, Giffone and Worthington.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  4. LucidiPevere


    Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere founded LucidiPevere in 2006 in Milan. The duo design furniture, lighting, and tableware. They always try to deal with new types of products by working with different companies, countries and cultures; they are constantly looking for the right aesthetic expression of the material and technologies they are working on.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  5. Studio Pastina

    Studio Pastina

    Domenico Santoro and Francesca Puddu founded Studio Pastina in 2012. Pastina collaborates with brands, private clients and galleries,always applying a personal design vision and working on a wide range of projects, involving product and furniture design, interiors and art direction.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  6. Alvisi Kirimoto

    Alvisi Kirimoto

    Alvisi Kirimoto is an international practice that works in the field of architecture, urban planning and design. Founded by Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto in 2002, the firm stands out for its sartorial approach to design, 'sensitive' use of technology and control of space, starting from the manipulation of 'sheets of paper.' Dialogue with nature, urban regeneration and attention to social issues make its projects unique in the international architectural scene.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  7. Skrivo


    Skrivo is a Milan based multidisciplinary design studio founded by industrial designer Stefan Krivokapic. The studio specializes in industrial design across furniture and lighting sectors working with manufacturers across Europe.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  8. MoDus Architects

    MoDus Architects

    MoDus Architects is an architectural practice founded in 2000 by Matteo Scagnol and Sandy Attia. The studio is distinguished by a heterogeneous approach to the field of architecture that combines the founding partners' two different cultural and formative backgrounds into one platform for bold architectural design. Completed projects range in scale from infrastructure, to buildings, to objects within the buildings, and include public, institutional and private commissions.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  9. Glueglue


    Glueglue is a user experience design agency with an international focus on UX&UI projects. Our main office is located in Italy, but we work from several European countries. Our mission is to build ambitious products that make people's lives better. Our portfolio is diverse and includes projects created for a range of sectors: from leading high-tech companies to businesses in the food & beverage industry.

    Category Digital Design Studios

  10. blank

    Angelini Design

    Angelini Design was founded in Bologna in 1980. The team's streamlined and flexible structure can develop a project independently or can assume a complementary role in support of a client's, or supplier's, existing in-house structures thus adding the Angelini flair and experience to the client's own specific competencies and creating, in a sense, a bespoke R&D centre.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  11. 21am


    21am is a design & innovation firm based in Milan, leading a new way of thinking, conscious of the era we live in and establishing new bases for a different approach to design.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  12. Valerio Cometti and V12 Design

    Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

    From eyewear to consumer electronics, furniture to sport equipment, lighting and lifestyle, working alongside young start-ups and prestigious multinationals, here at Valerio Cometti+V12 Design creativity brings success. Product, graphic and brand design work hand in hand to deliver outstanding results.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  13. Luca Dini

    Luca Dini

    Luca Dini started working in the yacht world twenty-five years ago. He specialized in interior and exterior design of pleasure yachts since 1987 when he became a key element in the staff of a renowned Florence-based studio. After establishing Luca Dini Design In Florence, he left his unique mark on the yacht world and progressively opened new branches taking care also of architecture at large, interior design, objects, and various projects ranging from private residences and car design to private planes interiors.

    Category Yacht Design Studios