Design Studios in Italy

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  1. Cibic Workshop

    Cibic Workshop

    Cibic Workshop is a design studio and multidisciplinary research centre which focuses on alternative sustainable projects aimed at enhancing local areas and defining new cultural, emotional and environmental awarenesses of public space.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

  2. Smith Brand Design

    Smith Brand Design

    At Smith Brand Design we create value through providing branding solutions for established brand icons that want to stay ahead. And we help brave challenger brands who aspire to be the icons of the future through fresh new ideas and seductive design.

    Category Branding Design Studios

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    DORO Design

    DORO Design aims to provide to the customer with excellent products with its values of simplicity, efficiency, cleanliness and elegance, with a view to steadily expand the scope and increase the aggregation of ideas and skills.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

  4. Capsula


    Capsula is a strategic design studio working across brand experience, interior, and product design. Our goal is to connect people to spaces and products in a meaningful way. The focus of work is concept, design, and innovation to empower brand growth. Our strategical and creative conviction is that thoughtful design can make an essential input. Together with clients, we work to create a holistic experience through an in-depth understanding of the brand values, upcoming trends, market needs, and user behavior.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  5. Micieli Design Workshop

    Micieli Design Workshop

    Micieli Design Workshop designs & develops innovative products using a unique method that combines design thinking with industrial design. Consumer goods, appliances, medical equipment, electrical accessories are some of the fields where we continue to bring value to new products. The studio can handle the entire design process: from the user needs exploration and analysis phase to design research and innovation until the development of the design for manufacturing and engineering.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Monkey Talkie

    Monkey Talkie is a creative agency which operates mainly in the motion graphics and broadcast area. Focused on services for video and brand identity, concept design, channel branding, show packages, conception and and production of new broadcast format and advertising.

    Category Broadcast Design Studios

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    LU Murano

    LU Murano is Blown-glass chandelier collection marked by innovative contemporary design, the product of years of research and experimentation by the master glassmaker and lighting glass designer Fabio Fornasier using the most traditional Venetian glass-working techniques.

    Category Glass Design Studios

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    Hannomayr Communication

    Hannomayr Communication is an advertising agency based in Bolzano, and has over 20 years in the service of national and international companies, providing daily professional support through the use of targeted advertising, graphic design and digital media.

    Category Advertising Agencies

  9. CLAY


    CLAY is a visionary multifaceted production agency born from the creative minds of a group of video professionals. Since 2010 we have been crafting projects with unwavering attention to detail, supported by a network of the best designers and art directors from all over the world.

    Category Broadcast Design Studios

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    Metalli Lindberg

    Metalli Lindberg is a communication and design laboratory located in the Conegliano Veneto countryside, in Treviso province. We follow our projects from start to finish, using a full range of tools, languages, and channels of communication and identities, to multiply their effectiveness and recognizability.

    Category Communication Design Studios

  11. Paopao Studio

    Paopao Studio

    Paopao Studio is an art, design and creativity lab. We work in many fields, from fine arts, paintings, and sculptures, to visual design and commercial media.

    Category Art Studios