Design Studios in Italy

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    Giopato & Coombes

    Giopato & Coombes offers product concept and development services through 3 dimensional research. This research inspired by all walks of life - or more importantly far from the design world - utilises simple modules, either conceptual or actual, to formulate a rational product with a fundamental idea.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Gualeni Design

    Gualeni Design provides creative and intelligent solutions for product development. As a blend of design and engineering, we are sensitive to both the functional mechanics of a product as well as the equally important aesthetics and styling.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    ONdesign is constantly mindful of the evolution of customers' needs, in touch with market trends, and offers over twenty years' experience to companies that identify design and innovation as a key factor of success in a competitive environment. We are specialisied in designing consumer electronics, educational toys, cosmetic packaging, bathroom furnitures office ecquipments, writing instruments.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Happycentro is a creative studio based in Verona, Italy. In recent years we have worked with both large and small clients, for local agencies and major international companies. Our approach to design is always the same: designing a logo, an advertising page, a wall or directing a commercial offers the same opportunity to deal with a problem.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

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    CAFElab is a multidisciplinary firm based in Rome. It provides complete architecture, lighting and interior design for residential and small institutional offices with an Italian way of design.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  6. Artiva Design

    Artiva Design

    Artiva Design is a multi-disciplinary studio dealing in graphic design, branding and visual communication. Based in Genoa (Italy), it was founded in 2003 by Daniele De Batté and Davide Sossi.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

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    Italy based design firm with over 15 years experience in branding, book & web design, advertising, online and offline communication.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

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    A dynamic company that can handle from small-scale to large-scale projects, from concept to completion, coordinating all those involved in the design and production processes, combining experimentation, theory, research, innovation, professionalism and technical knowledge.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

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    Jacob Pringiers

    Jacob Pringiers design studio was established in milan, Italy in 1996. Specialising in furniture, lighting design and home accesories the studio spreads its expertise in a variety of fields and has worked with some of the leading companies in there sectors.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  10. Andrea Tognon Architecture

    Andrea Tognon Architecture

    Andrea Tognon is an architectural and communication-design studio founded in 2002. We aim to define identity in the dynamic complexity of urban situations, by developing communication, branding, modeling and space-transformation strategies.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  11. Phox


    Phox is an industrial design studio that aims to create innovative projects with great quality. With our industrial and product design knowledge, we support our clients during the whole project development: from the concept design to the product engineering.

    Category Industrial Design Studios