Design Studios in Italy

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  1. Sand and Birch

    Sand & Birch

    Sand & Birch Design studio was founded in 2003 when Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro decided to join their different cultural backgrounds and experiences together for a unique project: to re-interpret the concept of furnishing and to bring other meanings, other senses and other lives to objects.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  2. Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio is an Italian design firm specialized in product design and branding. They work with various international companies that operate in different market sectors collaborating with them for all aspects concerning the creation and development of new products and their communication.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  3. DNA


    DNA is a multiethnic team specialized in the identification and creation of new product or collection of products or service. It is made up of designers, engineers, communication experts ed artistis, and all other people needed to bring life to a new product.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Lorenz Kaz

    Milanese Lorenz Kaz design studio was founded in 2001 by Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz, both German designers living and working in Italy since the mid Nineties. What characterises their creativity is the accurate quest for perfection and a hybrid "nordic - italian" imprint of their designs, aware of its origins and always willing to transform and evolve them into something new and innovative.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

  5. Emanuele Rossi

    Emanuele Rossi

    Emanuele Rossi is a graphic design and visual communication studio skilled in different product markets: from services industries to trade, from medical to manufacturing. The attention to detail and the gained experience allow us to fulfill effective projects, with a unique design and in line with the latest market trends.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

  6. BREAK


    BREAK is an Italian brand, packaging & web design agency based in Milan. Since 1978 we work with national and international clients to shape great brands.

    Category Package Design Studios

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    Un-Real Studio

    Un-real studio offers a qualified design service with targeted consultation for businesses. Founded in 2009 by Arch./Designer Federico Biffi Gentili and Designer Alessio Zampolini, the studio is growing rapidly because of the importance of the projects and the reputation that is gaining in Italy and abroad.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  8. Paolo Cesaretti

    Paolo Cesaretti

    Paolo Cesaretti is specialized in exhibit/retail design and brand identity with a strong concern on innovation and research. The client list spreads internationally including leading companies in different business fields such as manufacture and trade, mass market, digital media, finance and communication.

    Category Exhibition Design Studios

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    MM Design

    MM Design Srl, founded in 1991, is a strategic design consultancy based in Bolzano, Italy. It stands for valuable, reliable and personalized product and service design, as well as research for new material appliances, always focusing on innovative design solutions and the creation of USP's for the customers.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Alessandro Villa

    Design studio engaged in studying the most innovative solution in the re/use of interior spaces, particularly sensitive to habits evolution and behaviours change. Homes, offices and commercial spaces are designed and handled in every step, from project, to licences request and construction. The studio designs pieces of furniture and accessories either for industrial or handicraft production.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  11. High Society

    High Society

    High Society is a sustainable design studio based in South-Tyrol, Italy. Its focus is to create unique plant-based lighting pieces through the upcycle of post-industrial waste such as hemp and tobacco among others. By exploring new production processes that combine technology and craftsmanship, High Society aims to underline the importance of evaluating waste as a primary resource.

    Category Lighting Design Studios

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    Tensa is an industrial design studio. Our experience and competencies allow us to give satisfaction to our clients maintaining coherence of design process and goals.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  13. Matteo Thun and Partners

    Matteo Thun & Partners

    Matteo Thun & Partners is an architecture and design studio with headquarters in Milan and a subsidiary office in Shanghai. The studio's designs are inspired by timeless simplicity and centered on the human scale. Founded in 1984, the company is operating internationally in the hospitality, healthcare, residential, offices and retail sectors and product design.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  14. Sublimio


    Sublimio is a fluid communication studio, focused on excellence. We adapt to the nature of each client with a fluid work model: based on the project, we involve the best communication professionals for each area and we organize them around an excellence focused creative direction. Our team effort creates brand identities, communication campaigns, social campaigns, content strategies, packaging designs.

    Category Communication Design Studios

  15. GEZA


    GEZA - Gri e Zucchi Architetti Associati - is a professional practice specializing in architectural planning, from urban planning to interior design.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  16. Lissoni and Partners

    Lissoni & Partners

    Lissoni & Partners is a full-service architecture, art direction and design firm that enhances the quality and value of hospitality and residential properties worldwide, providing with complete lifestyle approach from concept to implementation - a personal lifestyle mix by Piero Lissoni.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  17. Margine


    MARGINE was founded by ​​Giulio Ciccarese and Valentina Pontieri, two professionals who share the vision of an Architecture able to narrate and support the transformation of space to the changing needs of man, nature and society.

    Category Architectural Design Studios