Echo Designs Limited Edition Carling Zest

Echo Designs Limited Edition Carling Zest

Echo has designed the branding, primary and secondary packaging for Carling's innovative new summertime beer, Carling Zest - a beer brewed with a light, citrus flavour.

Following its work in 2011 on the new Carling core identity, Carling C2 and Carling Chrome, Echo was briefed to create an identity and packaging that clearly communicated the summertime and citrus proposition, amplify Carling Zest's on-shelf presence and appeal to both male and female drinkers.

Competing as an alternative to summer drinks, such as cider and rose wines, Echo's design built on the refreshing element of the beer. "The Zest design maintains a strong link to the core Carling brand whilst communicating the summertime positioning and refreshing, citrus product proposition," explained Alastair Jones, head of client services at Echo.

The secondary packaging features the Carling Zest identity with an image of the bottle immersed in ice cubes creating an energetic splash. The black and silver of Carling's core identity further reinforces its premium positioning.

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