How to Create a Brand From a Tea Bag

How to Create a Brand From a Tea Bag

In a bid to make Britain's favourite drink cool again, Echo Brand Design teamed up with east London based tea man, Joe Kinch.

Joe came to Echo as an expert in tea... but not in packaging design. He loved and lived the 'East London life' but needed help to bring his passion to the tables and teapots of a new generation.

The design took inspiration from traditional 'City of London Liveries' protecting the professionalism of key trades (e.g. the candlestick maker, butcher, baker) and added a contemporary twist. Echo designed a range of hand-drawn 'Joe's crests' to characterize each individual flavour with a unique story and a sprinkle of humor.

Each pack was finished off with a bespoke map inside, giving the consumer something extra to explore and bringing the East End life, well, to life.

"In highly competitive markets such as tea, design and brand personality play an even bigger role - the beauty is taking all of the smart thinking you do beforehand and creating something that looks so comfortably simple, yet each layer reveals a deeper chapter of the brand story," said Christy Davies, senior designer at Echo.

The design has been rolled out across a range of ten different blends, all promising to excite and surprise anyone who loves a brew!

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