Echo Designs Packaging for Kleenex's Proactive Care Range

Echo Designs Packaging for Kleenex's Proactive Care Range

Echo recently designed packaging for Kleenex's new range of Proactive Care products that help consumers to adopt positive hygiene habits whilst offering a sense of reassurance and control amid the uncertainties of 2020. The Kleenex Proactive Care range includes hygiene face masks, antibacterial hand sanitiser, hygienic hand towels, and antibacterial wipes, all introduced to the market to help consumers and their families face every day with confidence and with less worry about germs.

"The challenge lay in shifting the perception of the products from episodic to everyday by positioning the advanced Kleenex range away from those purchased in moments of distress to ones purchased as a proactive wellbeing choice," commented Lily Kowalik, Account Manager at Echo. "A friendly and reassuringly simple packaging design was key to achieving this and establishing new social norms."

In the inclusive spirit of the Kleenex brand, all written labels have been designed using a clear typeface with open, approachable and helpful descriptions - removing any intimidation, which is essential for new-to-market products. Supplemented by simple icons, the illustrations and descriptions aim to simplify and streamline what could otherwise be an anxious process for some consumers. The packaging has also been designed to be readable from a 2-meter distance. This is a new consideration for the design process but one of utmost importance so that potential customers do not have to touch products on the shop shelf before deciding if it's right for them.

"The Kleenex legacy is understood by many. They are a tried and trusted brand that, for nearly 100 years, has been a permanent fixture in households worldwide," said Christy Davies, Design Director at Echo. "When designing for the Proactive Care range we leveraged this sense of brand trust and commitment to family wellbeing through our design. We chose a vital green palette to inspire feelings of resilience and optimism. By consciously departing from clinical blues we were able to shift perceptions from distress purchase to a proactive wellbeing choice. Through creating a consistent visual language with colour, iconography and pattern, we have unified an eclectic range so that they work together as a complete and complementary set of products for hand and face."