Giffgaff Spreads the Love with Echo

Giffgaff Spreads the Love with Echo

giffgaff, the SIM only mobile network, has worked with design and branding consultancy Echo to provide its members with a fresh approach to SIM card packaging which matches its community ethos.

Echo was tasked with bringing to life giffgaff's personality through its direct communications to create five new SIM packs that would be both functional and engaging.

Building on giffgaff's word of mouth network via member recommendations, Echo designed a new format incorporating an origami heart for customers to create and engage further with the brand to help spread the 'giffgaff love'. The design reinforced the brand's tone of voice and utilised the familiar giffgaff pixel icon to design a playful communication tool.

"Sharing within a community environment is at the heart of the business and the new SIM packs are a great addition to our ethos," said Tom Rainsford, Head of Brand and Proposition at giffgaff. "They are fun, encourage involvement and are great for delivering a functional product without losing our personality and our valuable customer connection."

"As giffgaff's network has grown at such a pace, we needed to design a cost-effective solution that would still ignite the energy and enthusiasm for sharing," added Nigel Ritchie, Creative Director at Echo. "It's a simple concept but delivered well. As giffgaff is testament to - sometimes the simplest ideas are often the best."

The five packs are:
Hello - for a direct SIM purchase from giffgaff
Friends - for a new member via a friend recommendation
Share - for existing members who want to give SIMs to new members
Bonus - additional SIMs for key active members
Oops - replacement SIM when lost or stolen

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