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    John Schwegel

    John Schwegels illustration portfolio. Sci-fi and fantasy characters design and cartoons created in a unique, fun and humorous style.

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    Ingrid Magalinska

    Ingrid Magalinska is a professional childrens book illustrator. She has illustrated 12 picture books as well as many book covers, greeting cards, posters, etc.

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    Angel DAmico

    Freelance Designer and Illustrator combining fine art and digital art to create beautiful and exotic environments of work.

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    What What

    Twins John and Ed have created a weird and wonderful world inhabited by strange and curious characters.

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    Jeff Reitz

    Work portfolio on artist, Jeff Reitz, showcasing his work and offering ways to order his prints/illustrations.

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    Vicky Newman

    Vicky Newman is a freelance illustrator originally from the UK specializing in a mix of hand rendered line and digital colour.

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    Lee Woodgate

    València based British Illustrator. Graduated BA (Hons) UEA annex UK 1994, working as a full-time freelance Illustrator, within Publishing, Advertising and Design markets ever since.

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    Laura Diehl

    Online portfolio of digital paintings by Illustrator Laura Diehl. I specialize in Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Children's Illustration.

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    Mindy Wilson

    Mindy Wilson is an author and childrens book illustrator also designs for other markets such as comic, greeting cards and spot illustrations. Her work is whimsical, lively and quirky. She is a member of the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators and recently was noticed for her work in a SCBWI T-shirt contest by becoming a finalist.

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    Fiona Hamilton

    Fiona Hamilton is a Bristol based illustrator specialising in figurative ornate imagery for editorial illustration. She also exhibits her work widely.

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    Erik Evensen

    Erik Evensen is an award-winning illustrator, designer and multidisciplinary artist based in Columbus, Ohio. Experienced in editorial and comic book styles.

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    Sean Macfarlane

    The illustration portfolio site of Sean Macfarlane. Sean currently works from Tokyo in a hybrid style of hand-crafted photo-montage and digital painting on his Mac.

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    Mark Kaufman

    Mark Kaufman is a Seattle, WA based illustrator and designer specializing in editorial illustration, issue oriented design, and corporate communications.

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    Violeta Dabija

    Childrens book illustrations by Violeta Dabija. She has illustrated over 25 childrens books and her work was selected for Archive Special 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2007.

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    Shahar Kober

    Online Portfolio of Shahar Kober. Works as a freelance illustrator and animator for children's books, advertising, newspapers, magazines, television and the internet.