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  1. Sara Vera Lecaro

    Sara Vera Lecaro

    Sara Vera Lecaro is an Ecuadorian artist based in Berlin. Her artworks are mostly inspired by women beauty with surrealistic details, related to thoughts and personal experiences with strong fashion influence.

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    Helsa Tanaya

    Helsa Tanaya is a designer and illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Australia. She creates editorial, advertising illustrations, infographics, pattern design, and animation.

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    Cobolt Design: Frank Walter

    This website presents a field of work between computer and trade, which is the reason for its individual appearance. All design-elements are completely hand made.

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    Bo Virkelyst Jensen

    Specialized in vector-illustration with a touch of Scandinavian simplicity - which also shines through when creating crisp identities and icons for a wide range of clients.

  5. Alessandro Bonaccorsi

    Alessandro Bonaccorsi

    Alessandro Bonaccorsi is an Italian illustrator who creates bizarre, colorful, conceptual illustrations. I like the unimaginable, the absurd, the dreamt, the unexpected, the unusual, the bizarre.

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    Tamara Henderson

    Tamara Henderson is an illustrator and designer located in US. She loves to create illustration for in children's book, surface design, patterns and greeting cards.

  7. Tijmen Ploeger

    Tijmen Ploeger

    Tijmen Ploeger is an artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. With 16 years of experience, his works are a mix of characters, ornaments, -often japanese styled- tattoos, and typography, using a basic amount of colours to strengthen the message which often plays a bigger part than the graphics itself.

  8. Alexa Cassaro

    Alexa Cassaro

    Alexa Cassaro is an Illustrator and cartoonist from the NY, NJ area. Much of my work is YA related, consisting of very strong sassy female characters, sensitive males, and curious genderless characters, existing in an emotional and dramatic world.

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    Joe Snow

    Joe Snow is known for creating characters and scenes conceived with a level of humour and depth that could easily enable them to inhabit their own Saturday morning cartoon.

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    Kurt Pfaff

    Creative boutique that offers a refreshingly engaging approach to your communications strategy. Kurt Pfaff takes advantage of his long and diverse background which result in sophisticated and unique illustrative solutions for agencies, corporate and non-corporate clients.

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    Marta Chaves

    Marta Chaves is Valencia, Spain based illustrator, taking part in different projects, related to the main field of visual communication.

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    Neil Leslie

    Conceptual and information graphic illustration for design, advertising and editorial clients in a collage style.

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    Mario Sughi

    Mario Sughi, aka Nerosunero, is a digital Cartoonist/Illustrator from Italy who combines subtle humorous elements with a consistent loose artistic style thats reminiscent of English Pop artist David Hockney.

  14. Nils Petter Ekwall

    Nils Petter Ekwall

    Nils-Petter is an award-winning illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden - working with clients worldwide - specializing in busy, highly detailed illustrations, cityscapes, pictorial maps, infographics, and retro-esque colors.

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    Nate Williams

    Nate Williams, an artist, illustrator and designer/programmer, has worked extensively in various facets of the illustration, design, advertising industry with a wide variety of clients.

  16. Una Woods

    Una Woods

    Una Woods is a freelance illustrator living in Dublin. Her colourful and quirky illustrations are created either by hand using liquid acrylic paint and coloring pencils or created digitally using Illustrator and Photoshop.

  17. Michael Pantuso

    Michael Pantuso

    Michael Pantuso has enjoyed a distinguished career since 1990 as a Chicago-based illustrator/designer. Michael's illustration work has been exhibited, commissioned and collected internationally. Today, Michael continues to focus on assignments that utilize both his illustration and graphic design expertise in the areas of integrated marketing and branding.

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    Brian Allen

    Specializing in comic book style art, Brian Allen produces T-Shirt designs, logos, comics, children's books, and web graphics.

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    Zara Picken

    Zara Picken creates contemporary-retro digital illustrations for editorial, advertising, publishing and more.