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    Stanley Hooper

    Freelance illustrator living and working in Brighton in the UK. Working for editorial and publishing clients in the UK and USA. Illustrations take the form of digital collage.

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    Gayle Wheatleys

    Gayle Wheatley is a professional illustrator, painter, and art director, who specializes in fun, fashionable, and irresistibly glamorous illustrations and vibrant, dream-like, and delightfully textured paintings.

  3. Christine Garner

    Christine Garner

    Christine Garner an Illustrator and web designer focusing on digital painting and Illustration for character design.

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    Ekaterina Kulikova

    Ekaterina Kulikova is based in New York where she creates her sophisticated, sensual and elegant fashion illustrations. She uses delicate layers of delightful patterns, ornaments from Russian & Middle East cultures that are integrated with a precise and sophisticated line drawing.

  5. Gavin Dias

    Gavin Dias

    Gavin Dias is a contemporary illustrator and graphic designer from London. Gavin's work is a contemporary take on sensual ideals. Characters are portrayed in a personal state with a director's viewpoint.

  6. Vicky Woodgate

    Vicky Woodgate

    Vicky Woodgate is a professional artist and illustrator from Brighton who is fascinated by all things nature.

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    David Pfendler

    Illustration focusing on lifestyle imagery with an urban bent, also capable of giving images a fashion twist. Ideal for editorial and advertising. Images are created digitally, giving a modernity to the "hand-drawn" feel.

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    Maciej Frolow

    Providing digital illustration services. Architecture, advertising, mechanical, photocompositions and abstract images. Stock images included.

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    Ana Villalba

    Illustrator specialized in clay illustration and other volumetric techniques, also works with computer and traditional procedures.

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    Carol Yoshizumi

    Bright, painterly style illustrations for the children/teen market. As seen in American Girl Magazine, "The Two of Us, A Book of Memories" and many other books and magazines.

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    Lyuda Lavrentyeva

    Website contains illustration, illustration for kids, drawings, childrens books design, fine art, prints, artists resume. All kinds of media from traditional to digital. Fun, witty artwork.

  12. Madli Silm

    Madli Silm

    Madli Silm is a freelance illustrator based in Amsterdam, working alongside creative studios and individuals to compose animation assets, concept art, picture books, and portraits.

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    Anna Niedhart

    Anna Niedhart is an art-director and illustrator from Berlin. Her work transcends traditional forms of visual communication in the quest for innovative ways of interaction.

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    Steve Lieber

    Portfolio of my work in comic books, graphic novels, storyboards, magazine illustration and, concept design.

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    Maral Sassouni

    Maral Sassouni creates art and illustrations for editorial, publishing, advertising, childrens books and all manner of design.