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    Brian Allen

    Specializing in comic book style art, Brian Allen produces T-Shirt designs, logos, comics, children's books, and web graphics.

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    Greg Jackson

    Illustrator, designer and animator Greg Jackson from Brisbane, Australia provides creative and inspiring illustrations and designs for advertising, editorial, books and animation.

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    Joshua Kemble

    Award winning illustrator Joshua Kemble specializes in retro/comic book style illustrations & t-shirt designs.

  4. Ed Fred Ned

    Ed Fred Ned

    Ed creates picture book, character and editorial illustrations as well as award-winning graphic design.

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    David Vogin

    An award winning illustrator and designer for editorial, corporate, and book covers, David's illustrations have been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration.

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    Alana Kerr

    Illustrator and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York and a graduate of Central Saint Martins, London.

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    Ilias Sounas

    Portfolio of Ilias Sounas, illustrator/2D animator based in Athens, Greece. Specialist in fresh character design, 2D animations and edgy graphics. Passion for editorial illustrations, game graphics and fashion compositions.

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    John Karley

    John Karley is a freelance illustrator based in London. Portfolio work includes poster, editorial, narrative and t-shirt design.

  9. Kristi Minchin

    Kristi Minchin

    Kristi Minchin is a British Illustrator and 3D Artist currently residing in Bristol. Her practice, fuelled by an interest in human interaction and British humour, is an exploration of colour, shape and form through sculpture. Kristi's quirky and graphic aesthetic has led her to be published in Computer Arts and La Petite magazine, as well as working for clients such as Heal's and Philips Hue.

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    Marty Smith

    Marty Smith specializes in technical illustrations, line art, product illustration, installation instructions, and infographics for manufacturers and advertising.

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    Ladislav Hubert

    Ladislav Hubert is a London based illustrator, graphic designer and artist. I create illustrations, art and graphic design. Everything from logos to identities, short publications, posters, book covers, word press websites, and digital showreels or illustrations.

  12. Lianne Harrison

    Lianne Harrison

    Lianne Harrison is a freelance illustrator and creative director of Paperwhale Cards & Paper Goods. She uses cut paper collage to create intricate illustrations filled with tactile detail and curious-eyed characters.

  13. Manshen Lo

    Manshen Lo

    Manshen Lo is a visual artist living in London. She takes on illustration works as a freelancer, and directs and art directs animated short films and commercials.

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    Simon Brader

    Portfolio site of freelance illustrator Simon Brader. Working with vectors and textures he creates exciting work for a wide range of clients.

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    Caz Lock

    Caz is an Illustrator living and working in London, UK. She specialises in character design, cartoons and comic art.

  16. Anna Boechat

    Anna Boechat

    Anna Boechat is a passionate designer, art director and illustrator with a do-it-yourself philosophy living in Curitiba/PR - Brazil.

  17. Thomas Hedger

    Thomas Hedger

    Visual artist Thomas Hedger mixes strong line work, geometric and fluid shapes, bold color and often gradients creating punchy vector illustrations with ambiance and beauty. His work takes the form of flat illustration for print and digital applications, as well as physical 3D installation and sculpture.

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    Robert Scully

    Robert is a professional artist who lives to create. When he is not at his job as a SVP Design Director for a design firm, you will find him working, creating and exploring the creative universe through his children's books. He works in close collaboration with his wife, Anne Scully.