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    Antonio Cau

    Antonio Cau portfolio online, illustrations for publishing, advertising and web media.

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    Laura Watson

    Portfolio website for Laura Watson, Toronto-based illustrator specializing in bright, fun, whimsical illustrations for children's book and educational publishing, and the kids' gift market.

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    Jasmin Fuhr

    Jasmin Fuhr is a young freelance illustrator living and working in Berlin. Her style combines bold, elegant graphics and soft watercolor drawings that has drawn attention to clients worldwide.

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    Amy Martin

    Known for her intricate, emotional, and often political work, Amy Martin has quickly made a name for herself as a sought-after illustrator, graphic designer, and art director.

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    Samalou: Louis Simeone

    Louis Simeone is a professional illustrator known for his vibrant, energetic and often times humorous imagery. He brings a dynamic flair to his illustration work through his fluid use of line and skillful handling of color.

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    Julien Chung

    Julien Chung creates animal themed designs and illustrations for the international giftware, home furnishings and publishing markets.

  7. Emmy-Koos Meijer

    Emmy-Koos Meijer

    Emmy-Koos Meijer is an Amsterdam based illustrator. She offers creative services including graphic design, illustration, writing, image research, visualization, and animation.

  8. Ajubel


    Cuban designer, illustrator and painter, Ajubel moved to Spain in 1991. He currently resides in Valencia where he has his studio. He has worked for the written press in prestigious newspapers and magazines in Cuba, Spain, England, Mexico and France, among other countries since 1973.

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    Marcos Sanchez

    Illustrator, animator and artist showcasing personal and commissioned work. His work includes digital and traditional Illustration, stop motion animation, collage, photography and live action film.

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    Greg Betza Illustration

    Portfolio site of illustrator Greg Betza. His reportage, line work, and painting are only a few of his many styles. This versatile approach has led him to create unique work for a diverse group of clients.

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    Yamina Naili

    Creative portfolio containing ecleptic works from illustrations to cloth creations, from acrylic canvases to minimalist outlined images.

  12. Sunny Eckerle

    Sunny Eckerle

    Sunny Eckerle is an illustrator living and working in Portland, Oregon. Having grown up in a remote and quiet mountain town in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, her work carries themes of home, simple daily joys and cosmic connections found through examination of the ordinary.

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    Oliver Denker

    Oliver Denker produces high quality storyboards, animatics, layouts, illustrations and designs for advertising, film, television, games industry.

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    Naoko Matsunaga

    Los Angeles based fashion illustrator. Born in Tokyo Japan. I studied art and fashion at Esmod Japon. With a strong fashion background, I create illustrations for magazines, advertising, publishing and website.

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    Jacquie ONeill

    Jacquie ONeill is an illustrator who specialises in Fashion, Lifestyle and Childrens illustrations for advertising, publishing, editorial and packaging.

  16. Susanne Riber

    Susanne Riber

    Fresh and versatile illustrations with a good fit for lifestyle, fashion, portrait and children.

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    Alice Wellinger

    Illustration portfolio of Alice Wellinger. Comprises of digital and hand-crafted techniques the portfolio includes editorial to children's book illustration.

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    Ars Fantasio

    Illustrator Oliver Wetter provides outstanding book cover art and writes about freelancing, marketing and technology.

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    Rachael Taylor

    Rachael Taylor is a fun, enthusiastic creative designer, illustrator & design consultant with over several years industry experience in a variety of fields.