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    Timothy Banks

    Tim is a professional artist that paints and draws for magazines, books, children's books and character development. He has worked with a lot of cool places and a lot of cool people like Cartoon Network, McGraw-Hill and MacMillan UK.

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    Talitha Shipman

    Talitha Shipman is an American illustrator living and working in the Midwest. She's represented by Lilla Rogers Studio and specializes in editorial, advertising, licensing, and children's book illustration.

  3. Donough O'Malley

    Donough O'Malley

    Donough O'Malley is an Irish illustrator and designer currently based in the UK. With over seventeen years experience working for clients across the world, his flexibility in both traditional and digital media means his work is used in a wide variety of areas such as editorial, advertising, fiction and children's picture books.

  4. Laura Riolfi

    Laura Riolfi

    Laura Riolfi is a illustrator based in Argentina. She studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires and worked for some years as a freelancer before she co-founded KRDG.

  5. Karen Erasmus

    Karen Erasmus

    Karen Erasmus is an illustrator and designer providing surface patterns for businesses and products. With 10 years of professional experience in providing illustrations to publishers and businesses.

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    Mandy Lau

    Mandy Lau is a commercial and editorial illustrator with a focus on fashion and lifestyle.

  7. Silvana Mariani

    Silvana Mariani

    Silvana Mariani is a Milan based designer and illustrator. Her distinctive approach to color and sign results in simple images with a sophisticated allure.

  8. Madeleine Stamer

    Madeleine Stamer

    Madeleine Stamer is a freelance illustrator residing in Melbourne, Australia. Her quirky and whimsical designs are inspired by folklore, dream snippets, motherhood, daily rituals, natural history and childhood nostalgia.

  9. Peter Bowen

    Peter Bowen

    Currently based in Amsterdam, Peter Bowen is an illustrator and graphic designer with over thirteen years of experience working for international clients. Sometimes with a slightly dark edge though rarely without a sense of humour, he specializes in both hand-drawn and digital techniques to produce work ranging from detailed illustrations to typography and logos.

  10. Sara Contini-Frank

    Sara Contini-Frank

    Sara Contini-Frank is freelance illustrator specializing in accurate city illustrations and maps. Most of her drawings are created with China ink and watercolor, but she also loves experimenting with other techniques like acrylic and collage.

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    Lou Beach

    Award winning illustrator known for editorial, conceptual collage-based artwork.

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    Lo Cole

    The portfolio site of artwork by Lo Cole. Illustrations and other works on paper, canvas and on walls.