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    Micaela Dawn

    Micaela Dawn is a freelance concept artist and illustrator who specializes in bold colors and vivid story telling.

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    Charlene Chua

    Charlene Chua specializes in creating vibrant digital illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Her wide range of clients include Oxford University Press, Google, World Vision, Dove, Eating Well, OWL Kids. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

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    Oivind Hovland

    Oivind Hovland is an experienced freelance illustrator with a long list of international clients, covering a broad range of media.

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    David Procter

    Freelance illustrator working in a loose pen and ink style with tight digital attributes. Deals with humourously dark themes.

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    Silja Gotz

    Whimsical, feminine style with a handmade touch for clients like: The New Yorker, Vogue UK, El Pais, Vienna Airport, Nylon, etc.

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    Carina Crenshaw

    Personal portfolio of illustrator Carina Crenshaw from Hamburg. She has dedicated herself to illustration, painting and graphic design.

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    Phill Burrows

    Phill Burrows is an extremely versatile illustrator working in educational publishing, and the commercial sector.

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    Francesca Reinero

    Francesca Reinero is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in the North West of Italy. She work in illustrations for book covers, brochures, design, children's books, packaging, corporate identity, creative design, video animation.

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    Mark Molnar

    Mark Molnar, whilst working as a set and character designer in various productions, finished his art studies with a Master of Arts degree with an award winning master work. Since his graduation as an illustrator he helped on several inspiring projects within the entertainment industry, creating concept designs, illustrations and promotional materials for unique new worlds.

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    J. Jesus Fernandez

    J. Jesus Fernandez is an illustrator, art director & graphic designer. His favourite technique is the airbrush, but he also uses oil, pencil and ink as well as the computer.

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    John Joven

    Blog of John Joven, an comic maker and magazines, children's book, newspapers illustrator.

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    Andy Perez

    Online illustration portfolio of Andy Perez. Work featured is mostly editorial and conceptual, created with collage and acrylic paint.

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    Brian Grimwood

    Brian Grimwood is a renowned illustrator and graphic artist. His works are widely considered as some of Europes finest editorial illustrations, advertisements, prints and logos, with clients such as the BBC Proms, Britannia, Miles Davis and the Royal Opera house to name a few.

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    Roland MacDonald

    English illustrator, living in Utrecht. Very diverse portfolio of work all of exceptional quality. Working for print and digital media mostly but with experience in many fields and a history in comics and computer games.

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    Owen Sherwood

    Showcase of professional illustration by Owen Sherwood. Hand drawn images with both digital and traditional touches.

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    Belinda S. Chen

    Belinda Chen is a freelance illustrator and visual artist based in London. She specializes in character design, children's storybook, printmaking, greeting card, and stationery design.

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    Yves Capelle

    Illustration provider and pitch facilitator since 1999, alternatyves outc. is designed to work as a partner with companies looking for additional workforce, image(s) and ideas.

  18. Signorina Navarra

    Signorina Navarra

    Signorina Navarra is a New Jersey born, Italian bred graphic designer and illustrator. Navarra has a BFA in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts and over ten years of experience with major brands and small studios providing illustration, design and art direction services.

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    Femke de Jong

    Femke de Jong is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Her work focuses on contemporary issues, like science, and the environment. She works in a contemporary surrealist-collage style, and often explores subjects by juxtaposing seemingly oppositional subjects.

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    Emma Metcalfe

    Emma Metcalfe is a UK based freelance illustrator available to work on a wide variety of projects. She specialises in humorous illustrations using a lively line, drawing with a dip pen and colouring digitally.

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    Fhiona Galloway

    Freelance illustrator. I work with design and advertising companies, book & card publishers and illustrate for web. My work is extremely varied in style, medium and subject matter.

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    Cristian Bernardini

    The illustration portfolio site of Cristian Bernardini, a professional illustrator and designer. Commercial work ranging from magazines, design firms, and children based products. Works in both traditional and digital mediums.

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    Kate Nielsen

    Kate Nielsen is Brooklyn based Illustrator providing creative and unique illustrations for advertising, marketing, editorial, books and more.