Design Firms in the Netherlands

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    Van der Veer Designers

    Van der Veer Designers is a product design studio, based in the Netherlands. Our enthusiastic team of professionals in industrial design, graphic design and design management has extensive experience in creating commercially successful products for a large group of international clients.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  2. RAU


    The RAU architectural team, based in Amsterdam, designs buildings with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to society and to planet earth.

    Category Architecture Companies

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    De Zwarte Hond

    De Zwarte Hond is a company led by Jeroen de Willigen, Willem Hein Schenk, Eric van Keulen and Jurjen van der Meer. Based in Groningen, Rotterdam and Cologne, its 80-strong staff boast a variety of backgrounds, competences and skills which they use to work in teams on the integrated design and construction of architecture, urban development and landscape solutions.

    Category Architecture Companies

  4. Alskar Design

    Alskar Design

    Alskar Design is an industrial design firm based in Amsterdam with a strong team of experienced designers and product developers. We have been in business for over 10 years and worked on many projects in different sectors.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

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    JSPR is a Dutch furniture interior design brand which is specialized in creating very remarkable products series and interiors.

    Category Furniture Design Companies

  6. Studio Rotor

    Studio Rotor

    Studio Rotor is a Dutch industrial design firm, that works for healthcare, mobility and public design. The studio is best at turning complex design problems into elegant, easy-to-use and functional products. We work at the intersection of usability, engineering and aesthetics.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  7. Fluctus


    We design products for the mass market, starting from concept design, including app-design for remote controllers of the products.

    Category 3D Design Companies

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    GoodLeap is an Amsterdam based brand strategy & marketing agency specialized in meaningful marketing and CSR communication. They develop strategies and campaigns that set you apart from the competition whilst making a positive social impact.

    Category Advertising Consultancies

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    The work of Mecanoo is a combination of architecture and intuition. In each design technical, human and playful aspects are interwoven into one solution. For Mecanoo architecture should touch the senses and can never be a purely intellectual, conceptual and visual game.

    Category Architecture Companies

  10. Quintessence Yachts

    Quintessence Yachts

    Headquartered in the Netherlands, Quintessence Yachts is a company with a passion for using research and innovation to explore new ideas within the yachting arena. Our core mission is to provide highly exclusive maritime experiences in terms of style, performance and design.

    Category Yacht Design Companies

  11. Progresso Technology

    Progresso Technology

    Progresso Technology was founded in October 2016 and is led by two industrial design engineers with a strong portfolio of innovative products. Whether you want a new product for the product portfolio, have an idea for a new startup, Progresso Technology makes sure that it becomes a reality.

    Category Engineering Design Companies

  12. 5am Studios

    5am Studios

    We bring ideas to life through concept creation, stop-motion, digital 2D-3D animation and post-production. Equipped with a fully fledged studio, we are able to design, animate, direct, produce and post-produce everything in-house, allowing for optimal flexibility, creativity and delivery time.

    Category Animation Companies