Design Firms in Spain

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    Mormedi is a Spanish design consultancy well versed in product and service strategy, specialized in projects with a high innovation and prospective content. Set up in 1998 by Jaime Moreno, the company now includes a multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists, engineers, business development consultants and marketing specialists.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  2. Momocca


    Momocca is a Valencian furniture company that designs and manufactures exclusive complementary furnishings. Momocca's collections are tailored to offer interior designers audacious support to create spaces of unique beauty.

    Category Furniture Design Companies

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    A Piece of Pie

    A Piece of Pie is a forward thinking innovation-focused consultancy rooted in business anthropology known for delivering actionable results that directly impact organic growth.

    Category Design Consultancies

  4. GRAND.


    GRAND. is an innovation and strategic design firm made up of people who feel great passion and esteem for what they do. They find solutions to problems and help fearless companies search for new ways of satisfying clients through research and innovation.

    Category Design Consultancies

  5. Stimulo


    Stimulo delivers profitable products by merging strategic; marketing, creativity, design and engineering. We do that by applying a simple methodology which we call stimulo360: We identify new business opportunities, create valuable and feasible concepts and deliver stimulating products.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  6. Starloop Studios

    Starloop Studios

    Starloop Studios provides full-game development services leveraging the talent of highly creative professionals. We attract and retain the best talents from multiple locations across the world and is led by a seasoned leadership team, working at a state-of-the-art studio in Spain.

    Category Game Design Companies

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    Artis is a company specialized on production, design and installation of office areas and trade centers. FLAT is its new concept of furniture and partitions consisting on single and double glass or panel walls, doors, storage and desks.

    Category Interior Design Companies

  8. Nacar


    Nacar is a strategic design agency based in Barcelona with an agile and international team of over 70 creative professionals. We work with clients from across sectors such as Hewlett-Packard or Vueling Airlines establishing solutions and product strategies that apply to industrial, digital, brand and service design.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  9. OHLAB


    OHLAB is an office devoted to urban analysis and cultural research of contemporary society through design, architectural practice and urban strategy.

    Category Architecture Companies

  10. Zinc


    Zinc is a design & innovation lab that partners with both major brands and startups around the world to frame innovation opportunities and design both physical and digital experiences that solve problems, delight people and create value. We take a holistic human approach to design & innovation and we combine that with our curiosity for technology, often working in emerging spaces like Wearable tech, IoT, Robotics, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and more.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies



    BCNSOUND creates bespoke sound design and music compositions for audiovisuals, from installations and artworks through to adverts, documentaries and feature films. We have participated in hundreds of projects and pride ourselves on original thinking and unusual solutions. We participated in several open titles for the prestigious OFFF design festival in Barcelona and are always open to new collaborations.

    Category Sound Design Companies

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    Doctor Jekyll

    We were born as an advertising agency, but our real specialty is people. We design, plan, and manufacture solutions that make it easier to get your product or service closer to the people, to become a part of their lives and to change along with them as they evolve.

    Category Web Design Companies

  13. FOLCH


    FOLCH creates concepts, brands and narratives reaching and engaging audiences on the new paradigm. It helps clients to build their own brand on a solid conceptual basis allowing companies to reach and engage with their audiences.

    Category Branding Design Consultancies