Design Firms in Sweden

  1. Veryday


    Veryday is one of the top-ranking design consultancies in the world. The company has an impressive track record for design that has helped build remarkably successful businesses since 1969 and a strong commitment to people-driven innovation as a means to enhance quality of life and make every day a Veryday.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  2. Nevermynd


    Nevermynd is a digital marketing company based in Stockholm. Our company has been providing clients all around Sweden and the USA. Built on the founding principle to be a customer-first type of company, we have worked carefully to provide successful digital marketing. Our vision is to be the marketing solution for businesses of all sizes who are willing to boost their ROI.

    Category Web Design Companies

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    Frank Etc.

    An award-winning Swedish design consultancy, specialised in industrial design, graphic design and product development, working closely together with our clients world-wide to create relevant products that make a difference.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  4. Zenit Design

    Zenit Design

    Zenit Design is a Swedish design and innovation studio in Malmö with partners all over the world. For the past 25 years, Zenit Design has been designing objects, services and experiences using a human-centered, research-driven design approach.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

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    Belatchew Arkitekter

    Belatchew Arkitekter is an architectural firm working within a wide range of projects, from city planning and housing to offices and retail. Our strength lies in our ideas and our ability to find new, often unexpected solutions that strengthen sites and add value to real estate.

    Category Architecture Companies

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    Arkitektgruppen Gkak

    Arkitektgruppen GKAK is an architecture office based in Norrkoping and Stockholm, Sweden. Arkitektgruppen GKAK works in the wide field of architecture, planning, interior design in projects for corporate and public clients. Arkitektgruppen GKAK is part of the company group Developing Design Sweden.

    Category Architecture Companies

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    Tengbom is one of the leading architectural firms in Sweden and the Nordic region, with around 550 employees at twelve offices in Sweden and Finland. Tengbom was founded in 1906, making it Sweden's oldest firm of architects. We stand for forward-looking architecture that combines humanism with function.

    Category Architecture Companies

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    Cliff was established in 1988 and is today the largest design company in Sweden. The main design centre is in Göteborg, with a subsidiary office in Stockholm. Our output is part of successful products from leading international companies such as Volvo, GM, Honda, Electrolux, Siemens and Elekta.

    Category Communication Design Companies

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    ADDI design group, A young creative design team from Sweden. ADDI has a wide range of know-how and expertise from projects and education that consists of engineering, furniture product and transportation design.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

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    Hello Future

    Hello Future designs and develops digital services. Our view of the world is that the internet is a service layer on top of the real world and we can use it to create fun & meaningful interactions in our daily lives with the help of websites, intranets, mobile applications and hardware.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Consultancies

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    No Picnic

    No Picnic is a design driven innovation agency based in Stockholm. Our multidisciplinary team of industrial and graphic designers, architects, design engineers, strategists, consumer behavior experts and project managers has completed over 750 projects for clients worldwide such as Sony, Ericsson, The Absolut Company, Carlsberg, Tetra Pak, Weekday and SAS.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Companies

  12. Mannerfelt


    Mannerfelt is recognized worldwide for its good design, energy efficient hulls and innovative details. Ocke Mannerfelt founded the company in 1978 after a successful career in international sail racing.

    Category Yacht Design Companies

  13. Doberman


    Doberman is a design firm with studios in Stockholm, New York and a think tank in Berlin. We partner with bold organizations to deliver products and services that break through the noise.

    Category Digital Design Companies

  14. Visual ID

    Visual ID

    A design agency with professionals from a variety of backgrounds including business management, marketing & PR, industrial design, product development and hospitality. As a team we work closely with clients delivering state-of-the-art concepts, always with the end-consumer in mind.

    Category Digital Design Companies

  15. Megaloop


    Founded by award-winning designer Andrea Putaggio, Megaloop offers integrated user research, strategic design, industrial design, UI/UX design, and design engineering to create innovative products and services that seamlessly blend the physical and digital touch-points.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  16. Foxhill Arts

    Foxhill Arts

    Foxhill Arts is a Sweden-based audio post-production & sound design company. We specialize in the world of audio - through our careful audio mixing & refinement methods, we're helping various companies to achieve that premium sound. We do all stages of audio post. Our sound design involves recording, processing & finalizing aural palettes for each project. With the use of modern, high-quality recording methods, we create everything from the ground up.

    Category Sound Design Companies