Designers in Canada

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  1. Evan McDougall

    Evan McDougall

    Evan is a freelance industrial designer creating meaningful products and experiences for companies big and small, from startups to fortune 500 companies. He is experienced in a variety of product categories including consumer electronics, furniture and soft goods design.

    Category Industrial Designers

  2. Sidney Harper

    Sidney Harper

    Sidney Harper is an award winning cosmopolitan interior designer with studios located in Guangzhou, Montreal, Vancouver and New York City. Specializing in high-end commercial and luxury residential design. He is the owner of an exclusive custom furniture, lighting and home decor manufacturing.

    Category Interior Designers

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    Marian Bantjes

    Marian Bantjes is a Canadian graphic artist living and working from an island off the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver.

    Category Illustrators

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    Fiona Raven

    Worry-free book design for authors worldwide, including book cover and page design. I enjoy working with first-time authors who are self-publishing, as well as established publishers.

    Category Book Designers

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    Jasonda Desmond

    Jasonda Desmond creates vibrant, free-flowing surface prints featuring bright, optimistic colours and bouncy, hand-drawn lines. Prints available for license, custom designs available for any project.

    Category Textile Designers

  6. Charles Godbout

    Charles Godbout

    Charles Godbout is a Canada based industrial designer. He is pragmatic and passionate about industrial production, factory processes, materials, tools and leading-edge technology. Through this lens of experience, his designs are based on an in-depth understanding of how a product is manufactured.

    Category Industrial Designers

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    Laura Watson

    Portfolio website for Laura Watson, Toronto-based illustrator specializing in bright, fun, whimsical illustrations for children's book and educational publishing, and the kids' gift market.

    Category Illustrators

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    Bill Buxton

    Bill Buxton is a designer, researcher and teacher. His work reflects a particular interest in the use of technology to support creative activities such as design, film and music.

    Category Designers

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    Milena Radzikowska

    Milena Radzikowska is an associate professor in Information Design, Faculty of Communication Studies, Mount Royal University. My active research interests are in the areas of decision support systems, visual communication, interface and information design, and text visualization.

    Category Information Designers

  10. Jonathan Otter

    Jonathan Otter

    A Master furniture designer and maker, Jonathan works with a exclusive team of experts to bring his fine furniture designs to customers all over the world. From his humble old-world style studio in rural Nova Scotia, Jonathan designs the old way: with paper, ink, patterns and modelling clay. From life size prototypes, he and his team collaborate to make exceptionally fine and rare pieces of functional art.

    Category Furniture Designers

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    Julien Chung

    Julien Chung creates animal themed designs and illustrations for the international giftware, home furnishings and publishing markets.

    Category Illustrators

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    Tommy Zen

    Internationally renowned ceramist-designer and painter Tommy Zen shares, for now 31 years, his universe of gigantic earthenware creations and over-sized canvas.

    Category Ceramic Designers

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    Denis Chiasson

    Committed to helping its clients succeed by offering quality graphic design services in an efficient and effective manner. Specializing in packaging design.

    Category Package Designers

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    TM Design

    At TM Design, we believe creating strong corporate identities increases the worth of our clients. Since 1984, we have brought innovative support to corporations of all sizes in their communication projects. Our experienced team pools together a variety of competencies, know-how and passions to create compelling and relevant visual identities that provoke tangible results.

    Category Graphic Designers

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    Jovan Rocanov

    Visual acrobat balancing client's needs with contemporary art. Award-winning Art Director experienced in advertising, interactive, and identity design.

    Category Graphic Designers

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    Martin Lipmann

    Native of France, Martin Lipmann has been serving the international post-production industry as a digital artist for over 7 years, on projects based in Paris, London, Istanbul and Montreal.

    Category Broadcast Designers