Design Studios in Germany

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  1. JOI-Design


    JOI-Design is a leading European interior design studio with more than 35 years of experience in hospitality design and over 500 hotel projects in Germany and abroad. Our focus is on the development of exclusive, design-focused concepts for the international hotel industry, serviced apartments, cruise ships and next-generation workspaces for high-style commercial offices. The multidisciplinary creative teams from our design studios in Germany and India comprise experienced interior designers, architects, engineers, graphic designers and product designers who develop tailormade, one-of-a-kind concepts relevant for today's society living spaces for the different target groups as an answer to the ever-changing needs of our everyday life.

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  2. Konstantin Grcic

    Konstantin Grcic

    Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design was established in Munich, Germany in 1991. The studio is specialized in various fields of design, ranging from furniture design to commissioned architectural projects. Each of his products is characterized by his careful research into the history of design and architecture and his passion for technology and materials.

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  3. HENN


    HENN is an internationally operating German architectural practice with more than 30 years of building expertise in the fields of culture and administration buildings, education, research & development and production buildings.

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    Struppler Industrial Design is a studio with six industrial designers and engineers, specialized in product design and technical development, based in Munich - working for companies all around the world.

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  5. Studio 7.5

    Studio 7.5

    Studio 7.5 is an international design team based in Berlin, Germany. Studio 7.5's design work covers a range of media - from product design to communication design.

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  6. DIA


    DIA - Dittel Architekten is an architectural design studio that creates and implements projects in interior design, architecture.

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    Architecture design laboratory aiming to combine unconventional spatial exploration with innovative ecological technology to create unique architectural solutions in all phases of the design and construction process.

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  8. EIGA


    EIGA is a strategic design studio. Our vision is simple yet captivating - we believe in the advance of design-oriented brands and the activating power of Brand Identity. With our many years of experience in strategy, design and communication and a keen feel for the zeitgeist, we help companies to create and cultivate distinctive brands to capture the hearts of their clients.

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  9. Serviceplan


    Ever since it was founded in 1970 as a straightforward advertising agency, Serviceplan has been combining all manner of communication disciplines under one roof: whether they are brand strategists, creative professionals, media or online specialists, web designers, dialogue or CRM experts, market researchers, PR consultants or sales specialists - at Serviceplan, everybody acts in concert in the House of Communication, the only fully integrated agency model in Germany.

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  10. Design3


    Design3 is an independent and owner-managed agency supporting both start-ups and leading international companies (e.g. LG, Miele and Huawei) that specialize in consumer and industrial goods as well as medical technology. Our approach rests upon the conviction that outstanding products should be developed on the basis of user needs, quality, user-friendliness and reduced complexity. We maintain this attitude across all of our services - from UX research and design strategy to industrial design and user interface design.

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  11. Brandlab


    Brandlab is an ambitious, future-oriented agency for brand innovation and branding. We partner with established brands to evolve their presence, but also develop radically new brand experiences from scratch.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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    SOMAA. focuses on projects at the intersection of architecture, communication culture and urbanismus. Featuring in Stuttgart and Barcelona, the practice works interdisciplinary with planners, engineers and a project specific team of other designers and collaborating architects.

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    fpm uses design to help its clients: to inspire people, to innovate and to strengthen brands. We are a proprietor-led design agency founded in 1994. We link product and communication design with the goal of enabling our clients to make strategic use of design.

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  14. FELD


    FELD is a Berlin-based design studio inspired by the possibilities of technology to transcend the borders between physical and digital environments, seamlessly bridging art and design, architecture and engineering, society and science.

    Category Digital Design Studios

  15. zigzag


    zigzag is a multi-disciplinary team of creatives, shaping delightful & meaningful experiences. Founded in 2012 and based in Germany, we focus on designing services and digital products for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups across very diverse industries.

    Category Interaction Design Studios

  16. foam Studio

    foam Studio

    foam Studio is a visual trend lab & brand image consultancy. As a tightly knit studio of unique and established directors, foam Studio works directly with brands to develop bespoke key visual design concepts and stories, shaping contemporary brand image culture beyond conventional topics.

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    Yellow Design

    Yellow Design is an agency network located in Cologne, Pforzheim and Berlin offering a complete spectrum of design services. As a full-service agency, we accompany design projects all the way from conception to implementation.

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    Eike Becker Architekten

    The range of our services includes design, planning and implementation of office building, high-rise building, hotel, residential and urban planning projects. We combine modern aspects, innovative technology, sustainability and energy efficiency on the one hand with the traditional desire for social life in public space and a comfortable place on the other hand.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  19. Jaeger Kahlen Partner

    Jaeger Kahlen Partner

    Jaeger Kahlen Partner (JKP) is an integrated design practice committed to the pursuit of creating holistic and inspiring built environments. With offices in Germany, Italy and China, the practice provides a highly collaborative platform for architecture. master planning, interiors and design.

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