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    Living with Complexity

    Simplicity turns out to be more complex than we thought. In this provocative and informative book, Don Norman writes that the complexity of our technology must mirror the complexity and richness of our lives. It's not complexity that's the problem, it's bad design. Bad design complicates things unnecessarily and confuses us. Good design can tame complexity.

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    Ten years in the making, Cult-ure is a provocative and incisive guide to navigating the modern landscape of ideas. It powerfully illustrates how the internet and new media revolution have permanently altered the way we communicate.

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    Disrupt introduces a complete five-step program for identifying disruptive business opportunities-and successfully executing on them! frog design's Luke Williams combines the design industry's most powerful creativity techniques with true business implementation discipline.

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    Design as Politics

    Design as Politics confronts the inadequacy of contemporary politics to deal with unsustainability. The book argues that finding solutions to this problem, of which climate change is only one part, demands original and radical thinking. Rather than reverting to failed political ideologies, the book proposes a post-democratic politics.

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    The first-ever compilation of the most innovative design magazine of the 1960s and 1970s. This important compilation brings together the very best of the Abitare universe: the most noteworthy design developments of the last fifty years, with emphasis on the 1960s and 1970s.

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    Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture is a non-technical introduction to the history, theory, and practice of software in the arts. Organized into themes linked to aspects of code-repetition, transformation, parameters, visualization, and simulation-each of the book's sections contains an essay, code samples, and numerous illustrations.

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    GSD Platform 3

    GSD Platform 3 is a selection of work produced during the 2009-2010 academic year of the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the potential of that work to address broader questions and inform global initiatives.

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    I Wonder

    Quirky, poignant, astute, funny-this beautiful book presents a compelling collection of observations on visual culture and design, written and illuminated by world-renowned typographic illustrator Marian Bantjes.

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    Tokujin Yoshioka

    The complete work of Tokujin Yoshioka, one of the most innovative designers working today. Based in Tokyo, Tokujin Yoshioka has built a career using unconventional materials to create objects and spaces.

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    Lifting the Curtain on Design

    Vicente Wolf is famous for his modern and elegant style, always guided by integrity and simplicity. Lifting the Curtain on Design delves into his selected themes from myriad viewpoints: through the prism of international travel, via the detailed focus on a single project, and finally by means of the sweeping perspective of a seasoned design mind.

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    This book contains powerful techniques to help you sell your ideas to those with approval power. You'll find tips from designers, writers, marketers and other creative professionals, along with meaty advice from selling and branding gurus.

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    The Power of Pro Bono

    A first-of-its-kind book, equally representing the voices of architects and their clients, The Power of Pro Bono presents 40 pro bono design projects across the country.

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    Design Is How It Works

    Drawing on interviews with top executives such as Virgin's Richard Branson and Nike's Mark Parker, Jay Greene illuminates the methods of companies that rely on design to stand out in their industries.

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    Everyone is a Designer

    The growth of design schools seems unstoppable. Designers born after 1980 have a totally different view of visual culture, aesthetic products, creative vision, and history from that of their predecessors. With visual contributions, quotations, and short essays from dozens of international designers, thinkers, critics, and strategists, this book presents a new manifesto for the design economy of 2010 and beyond.

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    Tackling Wicked Problems

    Tackling Wicked Problems provides readers with a framework that will guide the design and conduct of their own open-ended enquiries. In this approach, academic disciplines are combined with personal, local and strategic understanding and researchers are required to recognize multiple knowledge cultures, accept the inevitability of uncertainty, and clarify their own and others' ethical positions.

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    Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity

    Innovation is the major driving force in organisations today. With the rise of truly global markets and the intensifying competition for customers, employees and other critical resources, the ability to continuously develop successful innovative products, services, processes and strategies is essential. While creativity is the starting point for any kind of innovation, design is the process through which a creative idea or concept is translated into reality.

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    Managing Design for Profits

    Managing Design for Profits provides guidelines on an effective integration of the function of design in the company, helping to reduce the risks of taking decisions.

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    Design Value

    In an inspiring analysis, Peter Zec and Burkhard Jacob underscore the meaning of design as a propelling strength for economic growth and added value. A book for entrepreneurs, design managers, marketing experts, analysts and insiders, as well as for all those who are interested in how we can all profit from these champions of design.

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    The history of Knoll is the history of modern design. Comprehensive in narrative and scope, this monograph will be a classic in its own right with images and texts on furniture, furnishings, systems, graphics, and unique insight into the modern world that is Knoll.

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    Design Driven Innovation

    Until now, the literature on innovation has focused either on radical innovation pushed by technology or incremental innovation pulled by the market. In Design-Driven Innovation: How to Compete by Radically Innovating the Meaning of Products, Roberto Verganti introduces a third strategy, a radical shift in perspective that introduces a bold new way of competing.

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    Every Thing Design

    Every Thing Design features 700 prints, posters and other objects from the collection of Zurich's Gestaltung Museum. It is a collection renowned worldwide for its unsurpassed holdings of design masterpieces.

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    Vignelli From A to Z

    This superbly presented volume is a treasure trove of the thoughts of internationally acclaimed designers Lella and Massimo Vignelli. Beginning with the intriguing 'A for Ambiguity', it continues through the alphabet, describing their approach to subjects as diverse as book design, discipline, furniture, garment design, interior design and lighting, newspapers, packaging and typography; each subject is discussed in detail and accompanied by numerous illustrations that complement the text.

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    Design and Truth

    From the ornate cathedrals of Renaissance Europe to the much-maligned Ford Edsel of the late 1950s, all products of human design communicate much more than their mere intended functions. Grudin turns his attention to the role of design in our daily lives, focusing especially on how political and economic powers impress themselves on us through the built environment.

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    For a Good Cause

    This book is a collection of the best socially conscious design. The projects featured were created to show that it is indeed possible to make a better, more beautiful world.

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    Business Secrets for Designers

    This comprehensive guide includes everything designers need - besides talent - to turn their artistic success into business success. You'll find information on key issues facing designers from freelancing to the management of established design firms.

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    Design History: Understanding Theory and Method

    Design History has become a complex and wide-ranging discipline. It now examines artefacts from conception to development, production, mediation, and consumption. Over the last few decades, the discipline has developed a diverse range of theories and methodologies for the analysis of objects. Design History presents the most comprehensive overview and guide to these developments.

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    Almanac of Architecture & Design 2010

    An authoritative reference on architecture and design statistics for a decade, the 11th annual edition of the Almanac of Architecture & Design makes a major breakthrough. For the first time ever, the Almanac presents the DI 333 a ranking of the top design firms in North America, accompanied by a detailed directory of more than 800 leading architecture and design firms.

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    Strategy by Design

    Strategy by Design illustrates how to use many of the principles, processes and tools of the design profession to create innovative break-through organizational strategies.