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    Creating the Perfect Design Brief

    The second edition of Creating the Perfect Design Brief offers the most effective formats for design briefs, how to structure the best possible team, what distinguishes a great design brief from an adequate one, how to use the brief in project tracking, as a measuring tool, as a means of getting approval for a design solution, and much, much more.

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    Graduation Guide for Design Students

    Graduation Guide for Design Students helps the student to graduate as a designer by giving practical advice, design advice, and by suggesting ways to make graduation less stressful and more enjoyable. The advice is always very much on point and presented as double-page spread posters with smart and funny illustrations and short handwritten texts.

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    Taken by Surprise

    Anyone currently working in brand communication is facing fundamental yet compelling challenges. In an age in which we are flooded with information, consumers are becoming more critical and discerning. They are deploying ever finer filters so that only the most relevant pieces of information ever reach them. Because of this development, traditional brand and advertising messages are far less likely to be seen. Taken by Surprise is a collection of communication measures that are sophisticated and relevant enough to overcome these hurdles.

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    The Pop-Up Generation

    Young people born with and behind the screen live in a shadow area; a no man's land between the second and third dimension that they wish to connect. This Pop-Up Generation moves easily from 2D to 3D and back again, as if they do not notice there is a difference. The works selected have a few common characteristics. The projects pop-up. They float and melt down again. They are temporary. And they are mobile, they can take you anywhere.

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    Best CreatiFes 2012

    Best CreatiFes introduces the best creative personalities and companies from the international design sector.

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    Design and Designing: A Critical Introduction

    Design and Designing will provide the reader with a very broad and critical understanding of what is an essentially practical subject. The book covers the design process, modeling and drawing, working with clients, production and consumption, sustainability, professional practice and design futures.

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    The Strategic Designer

    Design is no longer solely concerned with color, type and image. To thrive in the future, designers must sharpen their strategy skills now. The Strategic Designer will help you do just that, with clear instruction and explanatory case studies.

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    Color Inspirations

    Color Inspirations contains some of the very best color palettes from COLOURlovers website, organized by color family in a logical, easy-to-use format.

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    Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design

    Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design brings together the best of designer Michael Bierut's critical writingserious or humorous, flattering or biting, but always on the mark.

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    Designer Profile 2012/2013

    Since 1998 the bilingual Designer Profile has been the authoritative work on the design scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Every two years it enables designers from the fields of industrial, exhibition, graphic and multimedia design to present their ideas, concepts and successes. These volumes form an indispensable reference work for management decision-makers and agencies who need speedy and targeted information on the spectrum of activities provided by potential designer partners.

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    Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

    This book looks at the entire career of the French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, widely regarded as two of the most exciting young European designers to have emerged in the last twenty years. The book features all of their work to date, a collection which includes commissions for Vitra, Alessi, and Cappellini amongst others and will open with an introduction by Anniina Koivu, editor of Abitare magazine.

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    Contemporary Color

    Combining a solid grounding in traditional color theory and a thorough exploration of effective color use in digital applications and 3D design work, this introduction to contemporary color text is a must have for all art students. Written by a leading design educator and artist whose work is widely exhibited, this text features a balanced examination of essential theory and its practical application using today's cutting-edge technology.

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    Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color

    Pantone invites you on a rich visual tour of 100 transformative years. Longtime Pantone collaborators and color gurus Leatrice Eiseman and Keith Recker identify more than 200 touchstone works of art, products, and fashion, and carefully match them with 80 different official PANTONE color palettes to reveal the trends, radical shifts, and resurgences of various hues.

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    Eat Me: Appetite for Design

    Eat Me: Appetite for Design is an all-new volume of design ideas and art creations entirely inspired by food and the way we eat. The showcase covers a symphony of artwork, events, identity projects, packaging design, restaurant designs, culinary implements and products, such as accessories and furniture, sliced in between two wafer biscuits (in Vanilla and Chocolate flavour) with a greedy bite at the corner.

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    Foundations of Design

    Foundations of Design is a clear, concise text covering all major topics in the fundamentals of design. Practical and straightforward, the author builds upon each concept of design from a blank canvas to a final product. The prose is paired with diagrams created by the author that visibly illustrate each concept in the same crisp approach as the narrative. A selection of contemporary and graphic design examples aid students in making connections from the principles of design through to a final work.

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    Just Design: Socially Conscious Design for Critical Causes

    For many, doing good work that also does good in the world is part of the ethos of design practice. Just Design celebrates and explores this increasingly critical aspect of design by showcasing a diverse collection of inspiring projects, people and causes.

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    Designing for Growth

    Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie educate readers in one of the hottest trends in business: "design thinking," or the ability to turn abstract ideas into practical applications for maximal business growth. Liedtka and Ogilvie cover the mind-set, techniques, and vocabulary of design thinking, unpack the mysterious connection between design and growth, and teach managers in a straightforward way how to exploit design's exciting potential.

  18. The Handbook of Design Management

    The Handbook of Design Management

    The management of design has emerged as central to the operational and strategic options of any successful organization. The Handbook of Design Management presents a state-of-the-art overview of the subject - its methodologies, current debates, history and future.

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    Brilliant: White in Design

    Brilliant: White in Design examines the spectrum of colors and talents inherent in white, exploring how it is used, and viewed, in art, design, architecture, and nature. Noted design writer Linda O'Keeffe parses the language of white and considers its strengths and, at times, its weaknesses. She shows that living with white has soothing rewards and dust-collecting drawbacks; that beige is not a four-letter word but a glamorous alternative to its more pristine counterpart; that designing with white reduces everything to pure form; and much more.

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    Design by Nature

    In Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design, author Maggie Macnab takes you on an intimate and eclectic journey examining the unending versatility of nature, showing how to uncover nature's ingenuity and use it to create beautiful and compelling designed communications. Written for designers and creative thinkers of all types, this book will guide you through a series of unexpected a-ha! moments that describe relationships among nature, art, science, technology, and design.

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    Italian Uniqueness

    Starting with the historical Compasso d'Oro Collection of iconic objects of Italian design, the book tells the story of Italian creativity and cutting-edge production between 1961 and 2011, thus reconstructing some aspects of ItalyâEURs history, a story told through images ranging from documentaries and film stills to first hand accounts and advertising.

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    Design for Services

    In Design for Services, Anna Meroni and Daniela Sangiorgi articulate what Design is doing and can do for services, and how this connects to existing fields of knowledge and practice. Designers previously saw their task as the conceptualisation, development and production of tangible objects. In the twenty-first century, a designer rarely 'designs something' but rather 'designs for something': in the case of this publication, for change, better experiences and better services.

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    Zeitgeist: Modern Architecture and Design in Germany

    The German architecture and design scene today is characterized by imaginative and progressive concepts on the highest technical and creative level. Especially in the field of ecological construction Germany set the international standards. Zeitgeist introduces the most compelling German architecture - and design offices, from the most established and renoun to the shooting stars of the scene.

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    Creative China

    Creative China introduces the creative scene of the country in six chapters subdivided into the fields of architecture, design, art, fashion, photography and advertising.

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    Erratic is a collection of current, often playful work by designers, photographers, and artists who are exploring the reciprocal effects between stability and instability, symmetry and asymmetry, and pressure and counter-pressure.

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    Design, Creativity, and Culture

    Design, Creativity, and Culture: an orientation to design offers a unique, fresh and innovative approach to assessing the role of design and creativity in human culture. The text provides an exploration of the cultural heritage of design together with future visions on the role of design in the coming decade. It provides an essential orientation to the understanding of design in the twenty-first century.

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    Designers Don't Have Influences

    Creative director, writer, advocate, and design cheerleader Austin Howe's elegant, incisive, and amusing essays are sure to appeal to a wide spectrum of readers. Howe chronicles the lives, philosophies, and work processes of leaders in disparate fields from art to spirituality and even ice hockey, many of whom have never before been profiled in print. Howe explores the creative process and conceptualization, delving into what to do when creativity is lacking.

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    Open Design Now

    Open Design Now looks at design in the new creative commons, co-creation era. It presents practices, tools, and licensing systems, as open design is a way of designing everyone can participate in.

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    Taxing Art: When Objects Travel

    In recent years, the boundaries between art and design have become more and more blurred. It is not the object itself, but rather its economic functionality that determines where design stops and art begins - and this functionality is reassessed at every link in the chain of the object s dissemination. Taxing Art is a buoyantly ironic, clever case study and analysis of the effect of traditional, bureaucratic procedures on innovative work. This revealing illustrated essay puts the spotlight on the largely underestimated effect that tax laws have on where design ends and art begins.

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    Clients From Hell

    Clients From Hell sheds an insider's perspective on difficult - and all-too-often irrational and insane - interactions with clients.