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    The Berlin Design Guide

    The Berlin Design Guide is a practical handbook for anyone who wants to get to know this seething metropolis and its creative hotspots. From the Buchstabenmuseum, an innovative museum devoted to letterforms, to the Mauerpark, a stretch of green that follows the former path of the Berlin Wall; from Prenzlauer Berg's popular Bonanza Coffee Heroes to our own Gestalten Space; from legendary concert venue SO36 to the iconic ICC - the book features various tours that reveal the city's epicenters in architecture, design, art, and fashion.

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    10+1: Eleven Years of Young Design

    10+1 presents a selection of outstanding design projects of the past eleven years, allowing the reader and observer to trace the development lines of young designers in a set timeframe.

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    Masterpieces of British Design

    Masterpieces of British Design surveys in detail one hundred landmark designs spanning a period of 250 years - from Industrial Revolution period Coalbrookdale ironwork, to William Mitchell's Spitfire, right up to the latest designs by today's most celebrated designers, including Ross Lovegrove, Jasper Morrison and Ron Arad. Each featured design is not only beautifully illustrated but also accompanied by authoritative descriptive information and an in-depth explanatory text.

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    Color and Design

    Color and Design addresses how we understand and experience colour, and through specific examples explores how colour is used in a spectrum of design-based disciplines including apparel design, graphic design, interior design, and product design.

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    Modern Living Accessories: 100 Years of Design

    odern Living Accessories presents on 512 pages a retrospective of the most important developments and highlights in design of the past 100 years, beginning with the latest trends for 2011.

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    Design for Inclusivity

    Design for Inclusivity: A Practical Guide to Accessible, Innovative and User-centred Design, written by a team that has pioneered inclusive design practice internationally, reviews the recent social trends and pressures that have pushed this subject to the fore, and assesses design responses to date in an international context. The authors make the business case for inclusive design and explain the formalisation of the approach in standards and legislation.

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    Art Directors Annual 91

    Art Directors Annual 91 features, in full colour, the winners of the toughest competition in the field-the Art Directors Club Annual Awards. The book presents, with exceptional clarity and detail, the work of gold and silver medallists and distinctive merit winners in national and international advertising, graphic design, interactive design, interactive media, photography, and illustration.

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    Designed in China

    Designed in China is packed with more than 600 photos of the most exciting projects created by today's top Chinese designers. Covering everything from furniture to lighting fixtures, jewelry, tableware, installations, and wall decor, the designs included in this collection are both contemporary and cosmopolitan, with a wealth of imagery drawn from big city living but still incorporating the functional elegance of traditional aesthetic Chinese design philosophies such as feng shui.

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    Success By Design

    Success By Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers is a guide to help you become a stronger businessperson and better plan your career path as a design leader.

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    Creativity 41

    Creativity 41 is a limited edition compilation of the best in global advertising and design, featuring the winners of the 41st Creativity Media & Print Awards.

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    London Underground By Design

    London Underground By Design is a comprehensive history of one of the world's most celebrated design achievements, and of the visionaries who brought it to life. Beginning in the pioneering Victorian age, Mark Ovenden charts the evolution of architecture, branding, typeface, map design, interior and textile styles, posters, signage and graphic design and how these came together to shape not just the Underground's identity, but the character of London itself.

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    50 Designers You Should Know

    50 Designers You Should Know profiles the most influential figures of the past century. From the first bentwood chairs by Thonet to the holistically designed worlds of Bauhaus and Le Corbusier, and from the signature styles of designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Eileen Gray, and Philippe Starck to internationally known brands like Swatch, Muji, and Apple, the designers here are profiled in double-page spreads packed with fascinating background information, photographs, and illustrations.

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    Design of the 20th Century

    From furniture to graphics, Design of the 20th Century feautres the work of artists who have shaped and recreated the modern world with a dizzying variety of materials. From the organic to the geometric, from Art Deco, through to Pop and High-Tech, this book contains all the great names - Bernhard Bertoia, De Stijl, Dieter Rams, Philippe Starck, Charles and Ray Eames, to name only a very few.

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    The Art of Folding

    The Art of Folding: Creative Forms in Design and Architecture features designs by creators all around the world, using diverse materials (paper, plastic, textiles) applied to very different areas of creation, such as fashion, jewelry or interior design.

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    Folding Techniques for Designers

    Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form features the key techniques of folding, such as pleated surfaces, curved folding and crumpling. An elegant, practical handbook, it covers over 70 techniques explained by clear step-by-step drawings, crease-pattern drawings, and specially commissioned photography.

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    Design Forward

    Design Forward: Creative Strategy at the Core of Sustainable Change presents design for change - design as a strategic and holistic way of finding and creating sustainable solutions that are also successful in an economic sense.

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    Make Design Matter

    Make Design Matter is a pocket size guide to meaningful design. The book is an important iterative and strategic approach based on holistic thinking, shared wisdom, and reflective insights, and will help you to make design better - and matter!

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    D.E.S.I.G.N. is a fascinating review of 69 of the most innovative household items from the past 150 years - from the classic to the most crazy.

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    Graphic Design and Architecture

    Graphic Design and Architecture: A 20th-Century History is the first historical overview which examines the intimate relationship between graphic design and architecture in the context of artistic, social, and cultural movements and influences of the twentieth century.

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    China's Design Revolution

    In China's Design Revolution, Lorraine Justice maps the evolution of Chinese design and innovation. She explores current award-winning projects in media, fashion, graphic, interior, and product design; and examines the lifestyle and purchasing trends of the "fourth generation," now in their teens and twenties.

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    The Future of Innovation

    Bettina von Stamm and Anna Trifilova have gathered together the thoughts and ideas of over 200 of the most creative innovators from business, professional practice and academia from nearly 60 countries. The contributors look at innovation from almost every angle. Their statements offer an unparalleled view of innovation and provide a depth of insight that is extraordinary.

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    The Color Revolution

    In the Color Revolution, the award-winning historian Regina Lee Blaszczyk traces the relationship of color and commerce, from haute couture to automobile showrooms to interior design, describing the often unrecognized role of the color profession in consumer culture. Blaszczyk examines the evolution of the color profession from 1850 to 1970, telling the stories of innovators who managed the color cornucopia that modern artificial dyes and pigments made possible.

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    How to Run a Successful Design Business

    The design sector has expanded rapidly in recent years, and now covers a wide range of specialist disciplines from branding and communications to product, commercial interiors and digital. Yet design firms often lack long-term vision, strategies and plans, and research from the Design Council shows that far too many suffer from poor profitability. Shan Preddy believes that the more a design firm knows about business, the more successful it will be, both creatively and financially.

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    Doing Research in Design

    Doing Research in Design presents new ways of thinking about the relationship between design and research by positioning design as a social as well as a material practice. This approach emphasises the social consequences of design decisions as well as the importance of the efficient functioning of a design.

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    Design Thinking Research

    Design Thinking Research: Measuring Performance in Context summarizes the results of the third year in the Design Thinking Research Program, a joint venture of Stanford University in Palo Alto and the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. Understanding the evolution of innovation, and how to measure the performance of the design thinking teams behind innovations, is the central motivation behind the research work presented in this book.

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    Problem Solved

    Problem Solved is the only book that teaches students and professionals how to recognize the recurring problems common to all areas of communication and explains how to solve them. Each chapter explores a different problem and concludes with a case study exploring a particular solution in detail.

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    Pop!: Design, Culture, Fashion 1956-1976

    Pop! Design, Culture, Fashion 1956-1976 covers all aspects of Pop design in Britain and America, from early rock 'n' roll to punk. It looks at record covers and packaging designs by Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton, and the work of fashion designers such as Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki from Biba, Vivienne Westwood and John Stephen of Carnaby Street fame, as well as their contemporaries in America such as Betsey Johnson of Paraphernalia.

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    Britain Creates: Fashion and Art Collusion

    Some of the biggest names in British fashion and art, ranging from royal wedding-dress designer Sarah Burton to sculptor Marc Quinn, are being paired-up in a unique collaboration to create works to celebrate 'Olympic Values'. Called Britain Creates 2012, the project will be a highlight of the London 2012 Festival. This book presents the results of these unprecedented collaborations, across different artisitic mediums.

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    High Touch: Tactile Design and Visual Explorations

    High Touch: Tactile Design and Visual Explorations documents an inspiring range of material objects and spatial orchestrations that meld crafts including crochet, papercraft, and the design of costumes and masks with the techniques of more traditional art forms such as installation, sculpture, collage, photography, and illustration. The examples featured in the book prove that the scope for this trailblazing work is enormous. Applications include advertising, brand presentations, editorial design, photography, product design, stage design, and scenography, as well as related fields that either exist already or that their creators have yet to invent.

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    Material Matters

    Material Matters: New Materials in Design discusses the vast range of materials that are available to us today, and highlights the advances predicted to prove seminal in the future.