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    Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?

    Obsessive Consumption represents a selection of three years of Bingaman-Burt's delightful ink drawings of sundry items. Accompanied by witty and insightful annotations, these drawings mock her own relationship with her purchases and put a personal face on the mass-produced items of our shared experience. Readers can catch a glimpse into the life of the artist from the collection, which includes wedding bands, a dog, a moving truck, handmade items from friends, Mississippi beer, Portland pizza, and lots of pens and drawing paper to support her drawing habit.

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    Croatian Design Now

    Croatia does not immediately spring into ones mind when talking about contemporary design, yet it is evident from this publication that the country has developed a wide-ranging and interesting design culture in recent years. Introduced by essays from Fedja Vuki and American based Victor Margolin, this sizeable survey collects together works made over recent years by Croatian designers such as Proximity Zagreb and Boris Ljubicic. Twelve full-colour, illustrated chapters examine everything from designs for corporate identity, packaging and products to creations for posters, web-pages, industrial and charity based designs.

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    British Design 2010

    The changes in the design industry in the United Kingdom over the last two years are reflected in this latest edition: many new names now present themselves for the first time, along with many established firms who have experienced the benefits of getting their work out to the international audience of design buyers who using this book.

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    Design Thinking: Integrating Innovation, Customer Experience, and Brand Value

    Design Thinkingis packed with intriguing case studies and practical advice from industry experts. This anthology is organized into three sections that focus on the use of design for innovation and brand-building, the emerging role of service design, and the design of meaningful customer experiences. This book provides readers with the strategies necessary to encourage the creative thought process in their companies, which will ultimately help to cultivate innovation, and therefore boost business.

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    Colour Mania

    Green with envy. Feeling blue. White lies. Grey areas. In every language spoken on earth human beings use colors to express themselves. World-renowned author, Vladimir Nabokov, claimed he could hear color and actually assigned a color to each letter of the alphabet based on each letter's particular sound.

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    Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life and Maybe Even the World

    In a time of anxiety and retrenchment, this hopeful yet hardheaded book illuminates "the glimmer of possibility and potential-that first spark of an innovative idea or a life-changing plan." According to Berger, "This faint light is all around us and also within us, if we can learn to recognize and nurture it." The best designers already know how to transform that glimmer of possibility into the steady glow of creation and innovation-and with the inspiration of Glimmer, we're now all able to do the same.

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    Cold War Modern: Design 1945-1970

    This ambitious book-published to accompany a major exhibition-includes work from the Socialist Bloc and Western Europe, the United States, Cuba, and Japan. Featuring remarkable images by artists and designers from Picasso to Kubrick, Cold War Modern also offers a landmark collection of fascinating essays on subjects as diverse as political strategy, domesticity, and high-tech design developments.

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    Glitch: Designing Imperfection

    A "glitch" usually fixes itself in the amount of time it takes for it to be noticed in the first place, whether as a scrambled cable television delay, a page-loading error on an Internet browser or a jumble of pixels on an ATM interface. Glitch: Perfect Imperfections consists of over 200 glitch images grabbed, composed and provoked by artists who present these complex fragments of color and lines as thought-provoking mistakes that merit being considered in an aesthetic sense, no matter if as art or as advertising.

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    Creative Grab Bag

    Creative Grab Bag is a collection of work from artists, illustrators and designers from around the world. Author Ethan Bodnar created over 30 unique tasks and gave each contributor a task that was different from their typical work. The book contains images of each artist's creative task, typical work, and a biography and short reflection on the creative process. Together, they capture the spirit of exploration and innovation and challenge readers to break out of their usual work.

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    21st Century Design: New Design Icons from Mass Market to Avant-Garde

    This updated new edition of the popular 21st Century Design guides the reader through an often bewildering array of contemporary movements, styles, and trends. Intelligently and provocatively written, this large and attractive volume places the current scene in a historic framework, explores the cultural and economic forces shaping design now and for the future, identifies top designers and trends, and explains the vigorous artistic debates going on among the innovators in architecture, fashion, interiors, and product design.

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    Unfolded: Paper in Design, Art, Architecture and Industry

    In "Unfolded - Paper in Design, Art, Architecture and Industry" paper conquers the third dimension and demonstrates the undreamed-of possibilities it holds today for lightweight construction, product design, fashion and art. From "Paper", the collection of bags by Stefan Diez, to Konstantin Grcic's paper models and the scented paper garments of Issey Myake, this book presents paper as a high-quality contemporary and ecological material.

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    Designer's: Exhibit, Product, Graphic, Fashion and Food

    This is a review of the work of over 100 products, fashion, food and visual graphic designs, representing the complete expression of a flow of ideas, languages, research, products and innovations, which together help us to better understand contemporary design trends.

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    Design Studies: A Reader

    Design Studies: A Reader is the ideal entry point for any student who wants to understand the many complex roles of design - as process, product, function, symbol, and use. Reflecting the diverse range of perspectives on design, the reader brings together over 70 key texts.

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    Design in Britain: Big Ideas, Small Island

    This is a unique moment for British design. The generation which shaped the emergence of design in the post war years, from Robin Day and Kenneth Grange to Terence Conran, is still active at the same time as young designers born half a century later are coming to prominence with innovative explorations of the implications for design of a very different technological and social climate. "Design in Britain" discusses the major figures that have led the way and those who have turned it on its head.

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    Corporate Creativity: Developing an Innovative Organization

    Corporate Creativity is the ultimate guide for executives and managers looking to increase creativity and innovation in their companies. This anthology of provocative essays, drawn from the pages of Design Management Review and Design Management Journal, explores personal, team, and organizational creativity, and it is packed with insights from the most respected names in the industry: Jeffrey Mauzy, Robert Rassmussen, Leonard Glick, Gerald Nadler, Stefano Marzano, and many others. These experts reveal how leading companies foster a creative culture and maximize talent resources.

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    The Designful Company: How to Build a Culture of Nonstop Innovation

    Part manifesto, part handbook, The Designful Company provides a lively overview of a growing trend in management-design thinking as a business competence. According to the author, traditional managers have relied on a two-step process to make decisions, which he calls "knowing" and "doing." Yet in today's innovation-driven marketplace, managers need to insert a middle step, called "making."

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    Building Design Strategy

    How can design be used to solve business problems? That's the question answered, in many innovative ways, by Building Design Strategy. This anthology of provocative essays, each written by a key player or analyst, offers dozens of ideas for creating and maintaining a successful corporate design strategy. Topics explore the full range of issues today, including thinking ahead; adapting to challenges; developing tangible strategies; using design to convey ideas; choosing worthwhile projects to help growth; using design to create fiercely loyal customers.

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    Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World

    Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World is a provocative book that explains why the largest crises we are facing today have design at their core. Author and Icograda Treasurer David B. Berman offers a powerful and hopeful message that will inspire readers to do good design in 2009 and beyond.

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    3deluxe: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Design

    Expansive projects accomplished by the interdisciplinary design collective 3deluxe over the last five years. They skilful interplay graphics, interiors and architecture to create powerful spatial situations and graphics that combines a sensitive intellectual and sensual balance. The multi-media theme world Cyberhelvetia, the interior and corporate design for the CocoonClub in Frankfurt, events and exhibitions for the 2006 FIFA World Cup as well as the corporate architecture for Leonardo are only but a few of the multitude of projects featured in this luxurious volume.

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    Arne Quinze Works

    Arne Quinze is a creative phenomenon. This first monograph extensively introduces the designer's full creative universe from the past, present and future. Over 40 invigorating design projects crossing over from furniture, interiors and architecture to urban planning, car design and footwear are showcased with lavish photos, personal sketches and incisive text giving insight into Quinze's cosmos.

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    Project Management for Design Professionals

    In the fast-paced, big-stakes design industry, schedules are accelerated and client expectations are high. Project Management for Design Professionals is written for architects, designers, landscape architects, urban planners, interior designers, engineers and others looking to plan and complete multidisciplinary projects successfully.

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    Jaime Hayon Works

    Spanish designer and artist Jaime Hayon will be one of the most influential designers in the years to come, and this is the first monograph to present the full spectrum of his work. Ranging from clear and harmonious to playfully extravagant, all of the included examples of interiors, furniture, tableware and decorative ceramics attest to his inimitable grasp of form, style and colour. In addition to celebrated collaborations with clients such as Camper, Swarovski and Bisazza, Jaime Hayon Works contains previously unreleased personal sketches, illustrations and productions of new projects that will make its world premiere debut at the annual Milan Furniture Fair in April 2008.

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    Making Innovation Work

    "To compete effectively, you must innovate: Not just once, but consistently, in all your products, services, and business functions. But, profitable innovation doesn't just "happen." It must be managed, measured, executed on - and few companies do that well. Making Innovation Work offers the first real solution: A start-to-finish process for driving growth from innovation.

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    House of Concepts: Design Academy Eindhoven

    House of Concepts presents the legendary Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands' leading institution for developing design talent that has produced a veritable who's who of the country's creative scene. The book not only features the school's graduates and their work, but also gives insight into the conceptual design for which the Netherlands is famous. The exciting visual content is complemented by extensive interviews with renowned alumni such as Jurgen Bey, Richard Hutten, Joris Laarman and Judith de Grauw as well as Jeroen and Joep Verhoeven.

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    Design Paradigms: A Sourcebook for Creative Visualization

    How do things bend? How are things joined? How do things get larger or smaller? This book offers a powerful new approach to design and creative visualization, helping you address these key design questions with flexibility and imagination by equipping you with a vital repertoire of design paradigms: basic conceptual and visual ideas that can be applied to all types of design problems.

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    Material ConneXion

    From the largest global resource of new materials comes this innovative new book that connects materials to designers' needs.

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    Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design

    Using contemporary design as a vehicle to describe production processes, this book covers a broad range of almost 90 production methods with descriptive text, specially commissioned diagrams, product shots, and photographs of the manufacturing process. It will appeal not only to product designers involved in lighting, consumer electronics, packaging, domestic accessories and tableware, but also to interior designers, furniture and graphic designers who need access to a range of production methods, as well as to all students of design.

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    The Little Know-It-All

    This book is divided into sections explicating unique vocabulary used in design, printing, typography and photography, and includes helpful tips and concise analysis in contiguous areas such as advertising, multimedia, business copyright and project management.