Designers in the United Kingdom

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  1. Line Nilsen

    Line Nilsen

    Line Nilsen is a textile designer with a wealth of experience from working in fashion and interiors. She specializes in woven textiles, working as a freelance designer and on her own brand of bespoke commission work. Line's work is contemporary and sophisticated, and her portfolio shows a great range of designs and disciplines.

    Category Textile Designers

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    Phil Cuttance

    Phil Cuttance is a designer based in London, UK. His objects aim to surprise and provoke, crossing boundaries of genre, material and taste. While his designs are intended for production, Cuttance constructs all the prototypes from scratch, and values the hands-on creation process as a source of ideas and knowledge.

    Category Industrial Designers

  3. Rolans Novikovs

    Rolans Novikovs

    Rolans Novikovs is an award winning designer with experience in retail, commercial and hospitality sectors. Throughout his career he has worked for various European design practices creating store design concepts for luxury and high street fashion brands.

    Category Interior Designers

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    Anthony Burrill

    Anthony Burrill's persuasive, up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients around the world from New York, to London to Tokyo. Burrill works across a range of media, including posters, moving image and three-dimensional work.

    Category Graphic Designers

  5. Tom Gauld

    Tom Gauld

    Tom Gauld is a British cartoonist and illustrator. His style reflects his self-professed fondness of "deadpan comedy, flat dialogue, things happening offstage and inexpressive characters".

    Category Illustrators

  6. Kai Damian Matthiesen

    Kai Damian Matthiesen

    Kai Damian Matthiesen is an independent graphic designer based in London with over a decade experience in the industry. Kai's work focuses on bespoke creative solutions with an emphasis on clear and strong typographic designs.

    Category Graphic Designers

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    Paul Davis

    Canadian fashion designer, Paul Davis, founded his eponymous menswear label in 2011. The brand's aesthetic combines the refinement of traditional English tailoring with a quintessential North American perspective.

    Category Fashion Designers

  8. Laura-Jane Atkinson

    Laura-Jane Atkinson

    Laura-Jane Atkinson is a Manchester based designer-maker specializing in handmade interior accessories that challenge and re-appropriate the known application and behavior of often under-celebrated materials.

    Category Craft Designers

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    Red Zebrano

    London-based, international, interior design company, working within the luxury market for private clients, developers and leading estate agents.

    Category Interior Designers

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    Jonny Pink

    Jonny Pink is a creative consultant & graphic designer who specialises in logo design and corporate materials such as brochures, business stationery & websites.

    Category Branding Designers

  11. Adam Hayes

    Adam Hayes

    Adam Hayes is a typographer and illustrator. He works on a broad range of projects from quick editorial illustrations to large-scale international campaigns, preferring to create designs that are new and unique each time.

    Category Type Designers

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    Matthew Williamson

    Matthew Williamson is a unique success story within the British fashion industry. Ten years after setting out on his own as a fashion graduate in 1997, he now has a store in the heart of Mayfair, his collections are worn by celebrity clients including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sienna Miller, and he is Creative Director at Pucci.

    Category Fashion Designers

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    Dominika Syczynska

    Dominikas Syczynska, who is heavily inspired by modern art and design, creates unique jewellery out of diverse materials. In her designs, she tries to realize fantasy in jewellery by assembling meticulously each piece by hand.

    Category Jewelry Designers

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    Kate Wood

    Kate Wood makes contemporary beaded and chain work jewellery which is admired for its delicacy, intricately detailed finish and lightness of touch. Working from her studio at award-winning creative hub Cockpit Arts in London's Holborn, Kate sells her jewellery through her website, and in galleries and boutiques worldwide.

    Category Jewelry Designers

  15. Evelin Kasikov

    Evelin Kasikov

    Evelin Kasikov is a London based book designer and illustrator. Her approach to craft is analytical and firmly rooted in her graphic design background. She uses typography, grid systems and design techniques to challenge the preconceptions of embroidery.

    Category Book Designers

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    Ilaria Coppola

    Ilaria refers to her work as environmental design rather than interior design. She describes her style as "chiccoso", creating interiors that bring beauty, chic and elegance into the home without comprising harmony and comfort.

    Category Interior Designers

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    Alison Redman

    British designer goldsmith Alison Redman designs and makes bespoke jewellery to commission, in silver, gold and platinum with semi-precious and precious stones. She also has her own collections of jewellery designs inspired by tiny organisms, nature and colour.

    Category Jewelry Designers

  18. Geoffrey Bunting

    Geoffrey Bunting

    Geoffrey Bunting is a book designer from the UK. He has worked with a range of clients from traditional and independent publishing, including a host of publishers including National Geographic, Harper Collins, Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Osprey, and more.

    Category Book Designers

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    Donna Walker

    Donna Walker is a furniture and spatial designer based in London who works predominantly with existing unloved, damaged and discarded items, and transforms them into new and desirable pieces of furniture, whilst retaining and celebrating their history.

    Category Furniture Designers