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    Neil Thomson

    This site showcases the work of Scottish illustrator Neil Thomson. Neil has extensive experience working for a range of clients in a variety of different industries.

    Category Illustrators

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    Marik Kontogiorgou

    Marik Kontogiorgou portfolio includes characters, illustrations and flash animations that have being created for major advertising brands as well as personal projects such us art exhibitions and animation shorts.

    Category Illustrators

  3. Darren McChrystal

    Darren McChrystal

    Darren McChrystal is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in packaging, branding and web design for clients in various industries. Based in Liverpool, UK but working remotely between UK, Russia & Europe clients continually use me for all their design and marketing needs.

    Category Package Designers

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    Nick Loe

    Based in London, Nick specialises in sound design and music composition for film, television, and digital media. Since graduating from the National Film and Television School in March 2006, where he honed his skills in feature film post-production, Nick has worked on several fiction and documentary projects including a film for Greenpeace and a feature length documentary for director Matthew Huston.

    Category Sound Designers

  5. Gabi Bolton

    Gabi Bolton

    Gabi Bolton is an English artist and designer, creating works in textiles and wallpaper. Originally trained in printed textiles, Gabi works in a variety of disciplines, and applies her skills to textiles, interiors and landscape design.

    Category Textile Designers

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    Henry Holland

    Henry Holland is a fashion designer from Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England. He attracted notice with his bold, eighties-inspired T-shirts with catchphrases like "I'll tell you who's boss Kate Moss".

    Category Fashion Designers

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    Duncan Shotton

    To think in a non-linear fashion. To create products that engage users emotionally, promote happiness and ensure people love what they are doing, wherever they are and whoever they're there with.

    Category Industrial Designers

  8. Ben Jennings

    Ben Jennings

    Ben Jennings is a cartoonist/illustrator based in the UK. Ben has produced cartoons and editorial illustrations for a variety of clients. In 2011 Jennings was awarded "Political Cartoon of the Year."

    Category Illustrators

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    John Stoyles

    Designing for the pack and brand defines the creative work of John Stoyles, a packaging and branding designer with over 15 years industry experience. John is an independent designer who works from his private studio in England. The studio is fully equipped for all aspects of professional graphic design with almost all of the design and development handled exclusively in-house.

    Category Package Designers

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    Nacho Marti

    Nacho Marti is a designer based in London creating exhibitions and interiors. He develops expressive design projects that are defined by their simple forms, chromatic rigor and straightforward and affordable materials used in a different context.

    Category Interior Designers

  11. Alys Bryan

    Alys Bryan

    Alys Bryan is a freelance designer and experienced specialist in upholstered seating design. Alys creates furniture that is not only functional but also a joy to look at and experience. Alys' proven ability to bring commercially viable designs to life is shaped through a process of creativity, thoughtful material selection, combined with lean manufacturing principles and her in-depth understanding of contract furniture in both the workplace and hospitality sectors.

    Category Furniture Designers

  12. Mat Mayes

    Mat Mayes

    Mat Mayes is a freelance graphic and web designer based in London. With a rare combination of creative design experience and technical expertise, Mat has been helping small, medium and multinational companies to grow and thrive through effective design and collaboration for over 10 years.

    Category Web Designers

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    Phil Young

    My clients best describe me as the sweet spot, providing the perfect balance between freelancer and agency. A no nonsense approach to creative communications from designing identities through to online and offline brand communications. In other words, logos, websites and print.

    Category Advertising Designers

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    Joe Snow

    Joe Snow is known for creating characters and scenes conceived with a level of humour and depth that could easily enable them to inhabit their own Saturday morning cartoon.

    Category Illustrators