Industrial Design Studios

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    Abluka is a design studio providing product design and development solutions as well as consultancy to manufacturers in a considerable range of industries including sanitaryware, kitchen&bathroom furniture and plastics. They like hiding their sense of humour in little nuances thus keeping their designs pure as nature.

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    Koncern Design Studio

    Koncern Design Studio was founded in 2000 and focuses on industrial design for Czech and foreign producers as well as on independent project.

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    Studiocreax develops products form the first idea to the technical development.

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    Taylor & Chu

    Based in San Francisco, Taylor & Chu is a product design consultancy with experience in projects for clients both national and international.

  5. Whynot Design

    Whynot Design

    Whynot is an independent industrial design group, made up of senior design experts. Each designer has his own personality, skills and expertise. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in many industries.

  6. Dashdot


    Dashdot is a creative industrial design studio focused on developing inspired products and brands. We promote big ideas through the skillful application of utility, ingenuity, and style.

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    Discoh Design

    Discoh's work is based on the idea of understanding industrial design as "coherent design". A common factor in Discoh's work is the search of coherent results that are far from trends and ephemeral or sensationalist designs, with the only aim of creating objects that respond to a necessity.

  8. KEEP


    KEEP is an industrial design and UX consultancy, working with clients to design, develop, and bring human-centered products to market with an adaptable and nimble approach.

  9. Diablo Design

    Diablo Design

    Established in Mexico City in 2004, we're an innovation company focused on product design and development.

  10. Smaac


    Smaac offers a broad spectrum of original solutions. From creative brainstorm sessions to market and user-group analyses. From sketches on paper to photo-realistic computer renders. From 3D printed prototypes to CAD engineered designs. We've got the tools to create innovative designs that uniquely differentiate you from other brands.

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    Trim Industrial Design

    Trim Industrial Design offers advanced industrial design, from the idea to production. We work to find the most simple, aesthetic and convenient design. Our commitment is to deliver unique and memorable products with the highest attention to detail.

  12. Ingenno Design

    Ingenno Design

    Ingenno is a Berlin based design company providing creative design and strategic consulting services to clients pursuing innovation in the disciplines of product design & development, brand strategy and visual communication.

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    Corpus-C Design Agentur

    Corpus-C is an industrial design agency specialized in the field of medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory design. We put a strong focus on usability and ergonomics.

  14. Pong Product

    Pong Product

    Pong is the brainchild of award-winning Hong Kong-based designer Leo Yiu. With a focus on smart product design, Pong products are interesting, functional and beautiful. Modern in design but timeless in functionality, our products are built to inspire and last.

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    Octo is a dynamic new product development consultancy. Working in close partnership with our clients to gain a complete understanding of their needs, we are able to deliver a total product solution from concept generation through to full manufacturing product specification.

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    Open 2

    Open 2 bring together experienced programme managers, product designers and design engineers to offer clients a broad range of skills and experiences. Our team come from a range of design backgrounds each bringing a unique perspective to what we do.

  17. SSSVLL


    SSSVLL, with Guillaume Sasseville as creative director, gives objects their definition through material and form. Projects range from industrial design to complete space planning.

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    at-design is an international design agency with well-known customers in the automation and medical technology as well as in consumer products and corporate design.

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    Seven02 is a design studio focused on a fresh, insightful and inventive approach to solutions for our clients. We create products, graphics, and interactions that engage, inspire and satisfy people.

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    Concept Group International

    Concept Group International offer brand strategy, product definition, creative design and engineering supporting right through to low volume production, for the product, automotive, marine, rail and aerospace industries. Based in Coventry, UK, we are a full spectrum design to manufacture organisation. Projects are undertaken in-house under one roof, allowing us to fast track development and contain costs.

  21. Ignitec


    Ignitec helps ambitious organizations out-think and out-manoeuvre the competition. Together we attempt technology moonshots and create world firsts. We are a product design consultancy, creative technology studio and R&D lab based in Bristol.

  22. Forem


    Forem is a leading product design firm based in the heart of Tel Aviv offering services worldwide.

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    Bertussi is a leading Brazilian industrial design studio. It has clients in several industrial fields, from machine tools to luxury products.

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    Kem Studio

    Kem Studio is a design firm fusing architecture and industrial design. Our firm was founded and is guided by the fundamental principle that we can make life better through design.

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    Exodesign is owned and operated by Ron Boeder. Ron has over 15 years experience designing products for companies in the Silicon Valley and Asia.

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    Pennanen Design

    Pennanen Design is a design studio specialising in transport design, product design and graphic design. We combine years of experience, passion, belief and dedication towards transforming ideas into solutions.

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    Xentiq is an integrated product development firm, offering services from concept development, industrial design, human factors, engineering, prototyping, to small build manufacturing and mass manufacturing implementation support with a strong track record of over 20 years in a variety of product fields, like Medtech & Biotech, consumer electronics, IT peripherals, sports, industrial equipment etc. We assist companies in turnkey projects or propose the different services individually.