Industrial Design Studios

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  1. ID33


    ID33 is an industrial design studio, providing seamless product development from concept to production.

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    Formfjord develops furniture, lighting, accessories and tools to master todays challanges. The designers Fabian Baumann and Sonke Hoof focus their work on innovative solutions, the perfection of technical details and design-engineering.

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    Actis-Datta is a multi-disciplinary studio, founded in 1994 from the experience of his founder in the field of industrial design, computer aided creativity and specialized training.

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    Adeo Innovations

    Adeo Innovations is a full service consumer products design, development and consultancy solutions company based in Hong Kong.

  5. Enfost


    Enfost is a team of strategic thinkers and industrial designers who believe in being 'Growth Catalyst' for organizations. Meaningful growth requires disruptive thinking combined with logical execution. Deeper research and design thinking becomes the starting point, supported by a relentless pursuit of perfection and attention to detail.

  6. CERO


    CERO is a multidisplinary studio based in Barcelona. We enjoy turning ideas into beautiful and engaging experiences, from the concept development to the finished product.

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    Clandestine Design Group

    Clandestine is a small and highly trained team of product design specialists. We combine market reconnaissance, innovation strategy and new product development tactics to help our clients capture market share whilst winning the battle for the hearts of their customers.

  8. Kilo


    Headed and founded by award-winning designer Lars Larsen, Kilo is a Copenhagen-based, idea-driven industrial design studio. Kilo was founded in 2005 and is today among Scandinavia's most influential studios. At the cross-section between technology and culture, Kilo designs with a holistic approach, merging innovation and strategy in the search for improved solutions for the future.

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    Bould Design

    Bould Design is a product design studio dedicated to exploring new forms, functions, materials and meanings for products. In pursuit of product excellence, we combine research, devotion to functionality and artful form-giving with a keen cultural and commercial awareness. Supporting these essential strengths is an experienced, reasoned approach to engineering and manufacturing. The net result of our process is exceptional new products with enduring intrinsic value.

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    VanBerlo is your creative and strategic partner. Our unique atmosphere and capabilities attract a broad range of international players, from the 'big-boys' to driven start-up companies and beyond.

  11. 4-id


    4-id is a network of professionals who believe creativity is the key to solving the challenges of humanity. Information, creativity, commitment and diversity of approaches are our strengths.

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    Ross + Doell

    Ross + Doell is a Toronto based design studio focused on industrial design and brand development for industries ranging from consumer electronics to housewares.

  13. Objest Studio

    Objest Studio

    Objest Studio is a London-based product design company. Our work covers product innovation, industrial design and CMF strategy. We design simple products with personality for some of the world's most successful brands.

  14. Creator Global

    Creator Global

    Creator Global is an industrial design agency for the Internet of Things transforming business for the worlds biggest brands. We design, prototype and manufacture connected products and IoT experiences.

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    Orange Creatives

    Orange Creatives is a Dutch design agency based in Guangzhou, China. Since 2007, we guide big and small brands to develop their ideas all the way up to mass production in China.



    EVERDESIGN is the experienced, creative and reliable designpartner for the development of physical and digital products. We are specialised in the design of contemporary technology in the area of consumer electronics and medical design.

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    Kilit Tasi

    Kilit Tasi provides industrial design and interior design services in Bursa and Istanbul offices in Turkey.

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    Shape Products

    Shape Products' design team is a dynamic group of dedicated industrial designers and engineers. Constantly pushing and expanding the boundaries of cost-driven product innovations, we have created products that are worth close to $500 million in retail value in 2009 alone.

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    Sotano Studio

    Sotano Studio designs flacons and secondary packaging for perfumes and cosmetics, as well as outdoor furniture, lighting or tableware. The diversity of projects helps the team to keep its freshness and to bring uniqueness into the design of elegant packaging for famous brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Acqua di Parma, Prada, Nina Ricci, Aigner, etc.

  20. Joel Bell ID

    Joel Bell ID

    Joel Bell ID is an innovative design firm. We aim to bring clean, graphic sensibility to the ever-evolving industrial design world.

  21. Mindsailors


    A professional, awarded industrial design studio from Poland, specializing in electronics, furniture, home appliance and industrial equipment. Offering full range of services from conceptual to mechanical engineering design and project management.

  22. Husarska


    Husarska Design Studio helps companies to raise competitiveness through product design. We use the latest methodologies for implementing innovation.

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    inventINDIA will develop your ideas into a business for you. As an experienced group of designers who are inventors at heart, we follow a human centric approach to co-create innovative solutions with the people who will use, buy, sell, distribute, experience, influence or interact with your offerings.

  24. CWAVE Design

    CWAVE Design

    CWAVE Design is an award-winning global innovation design consultancy that provides one-stop solutions for creativity from concept to product. We understand that we can truly connect people and change our life by transforming great ideas into reality. Our core value leads to success in the competitive market for our clients.

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    BEBOP is a team of passionate, ambitious, and unique visionaries who create successful products, special brands, and unforgettable experiences.

  26. Designest


    Designest is a multidisciplinary studio that brings together extensive knowledge, tools and abilities to creation of human experiences. Founded in 2011, by industrial designer and product developer Oded Lahav, Designest marked itself a goal to "create design that matters."

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    MAS is a young design agency specialized in product & packaging design. From concept through to creation & realisation, offering a disciplinary approach and an alternative way to developing with a full creative direction.