Industrial Design Studios

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    Ross + Doell

    Ross + Doell is a Toronto based design studio focused on industrial design and brand development for industries ranging from consumer electronics to housewares.

  2. 4-id


    4-id is a network of professionals who believe creativity is the key to solving the challenges of humanity. Information, creativity, commitment and diversity of approaches are our strengths.

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    MAS is a young design agency specialized in product & packaging design. From concept through to creation & realisation, offering a disciplinary approach and an alternative way to developing with a full creative direction.

  4. Bernhard Burkard

    Bernhard Burkard

    Bernhard Burkard is a Swiss studio for industrial design and development. The studio focus on smart simple solutions with a service-driven design approach. Fields reach from consumer electronics to health/medical, transportation, packaging, digital design, strategy and service design.

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    Kilit Tasi

    Kilit Tasi provides industrial design and interior design services in Bursa and Istanbul offices in Turkey.

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    Shape Products

    Shape Products' design team is a dynamic group of dedicated industrial designers and engineers. Constantly pushing and expanding the boundaries of cost-driven product innovations, we have created products that are worth close to $500 million in retail value in 2009 alone.

  7. Joel Bell ID

    Joel Bell ID

    Joel Bell ID is an innovative design firm. We aim to bring clean, graphic sensibility to the ever-evolving industrial design world.

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    Sotano Studio

    Sotano Studio designs flacons and secondary packaging for perfumes and cosmetics, as well as outdoor furniture, lighting or tableware. The diversity of projects helps the team to keep its freshness and to bring uniqueness into the design of elegant packaging for famous brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Acqua di Parma, Prada, Nina Ricci, Aigner, etc.

  9. Brandes en Meurs

    Brandes en Meurs

    Brandes en Meurs industrial design creates attractive, innovative, user-friendly and -ultimately- successful products.

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    inventINDIA will develop your ideas into a business for you. As an experienced group of designers who are inventors at heart, we follow a human centric approach to co-create innovative solutions with the people who will use, buy, sell, distribute, experience, influence or interact with your offerings.

  11. CWAVE Design

    CWAVE Design

    CWAVE Design is an award-winning global innovation design consultancy that provides one-stop solutions for creativity from concept to product. We understand that we can truly connect people and change our life by transforming great ideas into reality. Our core value leads to success in the competitive market for our clients.

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    Goodwin is dedicated to making better things and making things better, with an exclusive focus on kids and families. Since 1996 we have been partners to global leaders, and others who aim to be, in a wide range of categories and industries.

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    Appart_ is a multidisciplinary network of design consultants delivering design solutions and innovation globally. We are passionate people who bring user-driven products and experiences that help make life easier. Our method is based around collaboration, coming together to execute purposeful strategies.

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    Black+Blum is a creative partnership steeped in innovation. It creates and markets products for the home and office, combining ruthless practicality with a mischievous and intellectually-satisfying design aesthetic.

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    Clandestine Design Group

    Clandestine is a small and highly trained team of product design specialists. We combine market reconnaissance, innovation strategy and new product development tactics to help our clients capture market share whilst winning the battle for the hearts of their customers.

  16. Sequoia Studio

    Sequoia Studio

    Sequoia Studio is a Hong Kong based design agency with a design studio in China and France. As a multi-disciplinary design agency, we bring creative solutions, innovative and relevant answers in sectors such as consumer product, childhood product, furniture and lighting as well for consulting missions in design.

  17. Kilo


    Headed and founded by award-winning designer Lars Larsen, Kilo is a Copenhagen-based, idea-driven industrial design studio. Kilo was founded in 2005 and is today among Scandinavia's most influential studios. At the cross-section between technology and culture, Kilo designs with a holistic approach, merging innovation and strategy in the search for improved solutions for the future.

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    Toer is the design studio of Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven. It is located in the center of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

  19. Kreg Jones

    Kreg Jones

    Kreg Jones LLC was established in 2005 serving a range of Fortune 500 companies along with small businesses and independent inventors. We specialize in industrial design services including user research, concept ideation, digital fabrication, 3D modeling, product animation and photorealistic rendering.

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    Londonberlin is an industrial design studio established in Berlin and London, in 1999. The studio is specialized in various fields of design, ranging from consumer product design to ergonomic industrial design projects. Each of our products is characterized by our careful research of ergonomic details, technology and materials.

  21. Ponti Design Studio

    Ponti Design Studio

    Ponti Design Studio is a Hong Kong-based product design company specializing in highly distinctive, brand-building and iconic design. Founded in 2012 by Italian designer Andrea Ponti and Japanese design consultant Shiori Kuroiwa, the Studio focuses on high-end products combining technological excellence with emotional design language. The product range includes technology, high-end electronics, audio equipment, watches and wearables, furniture and lifestyle products.

  22. Eskild Hansen

    Eskild Hansen

    Eskild Hansen Design Studios' Plug & Play design team is dedicated to make world-class industrial design, 360 degrees design for ambitious start-ups and experimental innovation projects. From studios in Copenhagen and Luxemburg, the design team is servicing European and American companies, as if they were a part of the internal team.

  23. Joel Escalona

    Joel Escalona

    Joel Escalona is a Mexican industrial design studio specialized in product development, interior design and creative direction within fashion, furniture, lifestyle and technology.

  24. Vert Design

    Vert Design

    Vert Design is a Sydney-based studio and design house led by industrial designer Andrew Simpson. Founded in 2005, the studio operates as a testing ground for new concepts and self-initiated experimentation, as well as offering design concepts, modelling, prototyping and manufacturing to clients from niche boutique brands, to multinational organisations.

  25. Samuel Wilkinson Studio

    Samuel Wilkinson Studio

    The industrial design studio of award-winning London based designer Samuel Wilkinson. His deep understanding of materials and manufacturing helps the studio push the boundaries in achieving a high level of detail and craftsmanship in their output. Their work diversifies across various disciplines from consumer products to interiors to public realm.