Industrial Design Studios

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  1. Reflect


    Reflect is a progressive industrial design studio established by Seungho Lee and Sangsoo Lee. We reflect various shapes of life to design through lifestyle goods, furniture and electronics.

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    Thabto (Two Heads Are Better Than One) is a London based design and giftware company producing original, quality and quirky gifts, fun accessories and unusual home-ware designed to make you smile.

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    Rorke Design

    Over the past 25 years, Rorke Design has collaborated with designers and product development teams to create internationally recognized, award winning consumer products, generating over 50 unique design patents in the process.



    KOODESIGN is a Hong Kong-based design studio specialized in product and industrial design. With over a decade of experience, we create innovative products that build meaningful brands for global clients and have won over 15 international design awards.

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    MAXIMALdesign is a multi-disciplinary design agency that assists companies and brands to connect with people. We do this by creating impactful products & compelling experiences that build your brand.

  6. Carlberg Design

    Carlberg Design

    Carlberg Design is a Swedish design studio situated in Malmö, the southern part of Sweden. Gustav Carlberg works in many different fields of industrial design. Accessories, furniture and Lighting is the main area, but also with home appliance and more technical graded products.

  7. KEEP


    KEEP is an industrial design and UX consultancy, working with clients to design, develop, and bring human-centered products to market with an adaptable and nimble approach.

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    ILO Creatif

    ILO Creatif is a Product Design Agency based in France and involved in many different categories including footwear, high tech, spirits, cosmetics, and sports.

  9. Miquadra


    Italy-based, product design studio. The focal points of our business philosophy are: innovation, creativity, flexibility and attention to detail.

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    Arkit studio provides industrial design management services, in accordance with market needs. The studio specializes in developing products, from concept development to industrial product design processes, supplying engineering and human engineering services and production management services.

  11. Husarska


    Husarska Design Studio helps companies to raise competitiveness through product design. We use the latest methodologies for implementing innovation.

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    Koncern Design Studio

    Koncern Design Studio was founded in 2000 and focuses on industrial design for Czech and foreign producers as well as on independent project.

  13. Tomorrow Lab

    Tomorrow Lab

    Founded in 2010, Tomorrow Lab is a hardware innovation studio that works with entrepreneurs big and small to invent new products. We have a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology and turning those prototypes into market-ready, manufacturable products.

  14. Diablo Design

    Diablo Design

    Established in Mexico City in 2004, we're an innovation company focused on product design and development.

  15. Ingenno Design

    Ingenno Design

    Ingenno is a Berlin based design company providing creative design and strategic consulting services to clients pursuing innovation in the disciplines of product design & development, brand strategy and visual communication.

  16. Mindsailors


    A professional, awarded industrial design studio from Poland, specializing in electronics, furniture, home appliance and industrial equipment. Offering full range of services from conceptual to mechanical engineering design and project management.

  17. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue

    Deep Blue is a product design, branding, graphics and video consulting company that provides a wide range of services, with studios located in Hong Kong, Beijing and London. With more than 20 years servicing the needs of customers in both the West and East Deep Blue has unsurpassed experience in product design and branding, it also has unique expertise in acoustics, telecommunications, toys, personal care and hygiene and new technologies.

  18. Pong Product

    Pong Product

    Pong is the brainchild of award-winning Hong Kong-based designer Leo Yiu. With a focus on smart product design, Pong products are interesting, functional and beautiful. Modern in design but timeless in functionality, our products are built to inspire and last.

  19. Arman Design

    Arman Design

    Arman Design gives priority to innovation and value added to basic products in design process. The studio has been serving versatile clients with their expertise in product design and product development for over 16 years.

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    Abluka is a design studio providing product design and development solutions as well as consultancy to manufacturers in a considerable range of industries including sanitaryware, kitchen&bathroom furniture and plastics. They like hiding their sense of humour in little nuances thus keeping their designs pure as nature.

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    Muller Romca

    In 1993, Jochen Müller and Jens Romca began designing products with one objective, to satisfy their clients' needs through innovative design. Founded in Kiel, Germany, Muller Romca Industrial Design focused initially on package design for clients in Hamburg but rapidly expanded their field of activity to include design of interiors, consumer and investment goods.

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    Taylor & Chu

    Based in San Francisco, Taylor & Chu is a product design consultancy with experience in projects for clients both national and international.

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    Angelini Design

    Angelini Design was founded in Bologna in 1980. The team's streamlined and flexible structure can develop a project independently or can assume a complementary role in support of a client's, or supplier's, existing in-house structures thus adding the Angelini flair and experience to the client's own specific competencies and creating, in a sense, a bespoke R&D centre.

  24. Dashdot


    Dashdot is a creative industrial design studio focused on developing inspired products and brands. We promote big ideas through the skillful application of utility, ingenuity, and style.

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    Tenenbaum Hazan

    Founded in 1994, Tenenbaum Hazan is a boutique industrial design studio located in Herzliya Pituach, one of Israel's major centers of innovation and high technology. The studio is owned and managed by Noam Tenenbaum and Izaq Hazan, graduates of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

  26. Ignitec


    Ignitec helps ambitious organizations out-think and out-manoeuvre the competition. Together we attempt technology moonshots and create world firsts. We are a product design consultancy, creative technology studio and R&D lab based in Bristol.

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    Studiocreax develops products form the first idea to the technical development.