Industrial Design Studios

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    Golden Planet

    Golden Planet offers product design and industrial design and exhibition and trade fair design and interior and lighting and special installations and furniture and extraordinary vehicles.

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    FactorsNY brings together all the factors from the aesthetic and emotive to the human and technological to create exceptional products.

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    Orange Creatives

    Orange Creatives is a Dutch design agency based in Guangzhou, China. Since 2007, we guide big and small brands to develop their ideas all the way up to mass production in China.

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    Creactive Design ID

    Creactive Design ID is an eminent industrial product design agency notable for its expertise in the fusion of design, manufacturing and function. Blending creative flair, technological innovation and an understanding of the needs of the end-user, Creactive delivers products which effectively meet client requirements and the changing expectations of the customer.

  5. BOIR Studio

    BOIR Studio

    BOIR is a Zagreb based multidisciplinary design studio that creates dining rituals and tableware.

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    CWD is a London based industrial design studio. With over 20 years in the industry we offer world-class design with a wide range of services and people for a variety of projects. CWD has steadily built up an established client base ranging from household names to entrepreneurial startups. Products taken from the idea stage to full market introduction include gym equipment, marine instrumentation, outdoor lifestyle and many others we are not allowed to talk about.

  7. Yellowdot Design

    Yellowdot Design

    Yellowdot was founded by the designers Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan in 2017. The Hong Kong-based studio is celebrated for its marriage of culture, technology, science, arts and crafts. Through a collaborative spirit, embodying a playful yet exploratory approach combined with a sustainable and people-driven ethos, their work has resulted in an audacious, influential and culturally-relevant portfolio that encompasses products, interior design, exhibition design and furniture - taking in collaborations with a diverse client base and across industries and categories, from mass-produced electronics, home appliances, lighting, technology, fashion to handcrafted objects and furniture, often bringing their understanding of one process to their work on another.

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    Gualeni Design

    Gualeni Design provides creative and intelligent solutions for product development. As a blend of design and engineering, we are sensitive to both the functional mechanics of a product as well as the equally important aesthetics and styling.

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    United Innovation Studio

    Hong Kong based product design company since 1994. We emphasis on strategic design, by indentifying key words that represented consumer needs and mega-trends of soical changes, and converting the above into key elements of design activity.

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    ONdesign is constantly mindful of the evolution of customers' needs, in touch with market trends, and offers over twenty years' experience to companies that identify design and innovation as a key factor of success in a competitive environment. We are specialisied in designing consumer electronics, educational toys, cosmetic packaging, bathroom furnitures office ecquipments, writing instruments.

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    Industrial and interior design studio based in Barcelona. Passionate by objects requiring interaction and ephemeral spaces that may only work for those clients they have been conceived. We try to create objects that are not just independent beings, but something that grows, develops and varies as the user does. A complicity user-object is created through morphological or perceptional changes.

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    Founded by two Red Dot & IF Award winning industrial designers from Beijing, Thrudesign is an industrial design consultancy, specializing in corporate branding, product strategy and design.

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    CrousCalogero designs innovative consumer products providing clients a great mix of creativity and user needs understanding.

  14. YIELD


    YIELD is an independent Florida based designer and manufacturer. YIELD lives at the intersection of functionality and elegance, of high-end design and accessibility. Ranging from furniture to jewelry, YIELD's broad product line is designed by founders Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming.

  15. Entrive Studio

    Entrive Studio

    Entrive is an Amsterdam-based product design studio for start-ups, small businesses and anyone with an idea. We turn ideas into real, market-ready products to kickstart businesses.

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    ADN Design

    ADN Design's design approach is based on generating strategic visions that provide solutions capable of making the users' experiences meaningful and creating strong emotional ties with the brands.

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    Thabto (Two Heads Are Better Than One) is a London based design and giftware company producing original, quality and quirky gifts, fun accessories and unusual home-ware designed to make you smile.

  18. Süssmann Studio

    Süssmann Studio

    Süssmann Studio is an industrial design studio that helps companies to design and develop long-lasting products based on a thorough understanding of people's needs-from consumer goods and furniture to spaces. The studio cherishes experimentation, material knowledge and purpose-driven design-constantly trying to uncover the essence of an idea. The studio was founded by Philipp Süssmann who is trained as an industrial designer, received a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany and completed his Master Degree from Lund School of Industrial Design in Sweden. Before opening his own design studio in 2018, he worked as an in-house Designer at IKEA of Sweden.

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    MAXIMALdesign is a multi-disciplinary design agency that assists companies and brands to connect with people. We do this by creating impactful products & compelling experiences that build your brand.

  20. Miquadra


    Italy-based, product design studio. The focal points of our business philosophy are: innovation, creativity, flexibility and attention to detail.

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    Rorke Design

    Over the past 25 years, Rorke Design has collaborated with designers and product development teams to create internationally recognized, award winning consumer products, generating over 50 unique design patents in the process.

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    ILO Creatif

    ILO Creatif is a Product Design Agency based in France and involved in many different categories including footwear, high tech, spirits, cosmetics, and sports.

  23. Tomorrow Lab

    Tomorrow Lab

    Founded in 2010, Tomorrow Lab is a hardware innovation studio that works with entrepreneurs big and small to invent new products. We have a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology and turning those prototypes into market-ready, manufacturable products.

  24. Studio Gooris

    Studio Gooris

    Studio Gooris is an award-winning industrial design studio originally founded in 2004 in Milan. Trained as an engineer in Belgium, as a designer by P. Starck in Paris and S. Giovannoni in Milan, and as an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, Frederic Gooris fuses innovation and compelling narratives into iconic products for global brands and daring start-ups. Studio Gooris' works span from household goods, fashion accessories, cosmetics, lighting, audio, travel & sports goods, health care, aviation and baby products for clients including Alessi, China Southern Airlines, Nespresso, Seiko, Qantas and Bombol.

  25. Mindsailors


    A professional, awarded industrial design studio from Poland, specializing in electronics, furniture, home appliance and industrial equipment. Offering full range of services from conceptual to mechanical engineering design and project management.

  26. Arman Design

    Arman Design

    Arman Design gives priority to innovation and value added to basic products in design process. The studio has been serving versatile clients with their expertise in product design and product development for over 16 years.

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    Koncern Design Studio

    Koncern Design Studio was founded in 2000 and focuses on industrial design for Czech and foreign producers as well as on independent project.

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    Muller Romca

    In 1993, Jochen Müller and Jens Romca began designing products with one objective, to satisfy their clients' needs through innovative design. Founded in Kiel, Germany, Muller Romca Industrial Design focused initially on package design for clients in Hamburg but rapidly expanded their field of activity to include design of interiors, consumer and investment goods.

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    Abluka is a design studio providing product design and development solutions as well as consultancy to manufacturers in a considerable range of industries including sanitaryware, kitchen&bathroom furniture and plastics. They like hiding their sense of humour in little nuances thus keeping their designs pure as nature.