Industrial Design Studios

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    Modko is a Brooklyn based company that creates innovative products for the modern lifestyle. Our passion for design and obsession over details drives us to make simple, smart, everyday things that look great and work even better.

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    Imbris Design

    In Imbris we believe that any business can benefit from the incorporation of design in their activity, because the well thought design improves the quality of both products and services.

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    Styl&Tech is a product design group providing strategic solutions to a wide range of industries. We are a team of industrial designers, engineers and CAD technicians.

  4. Smaac


    Smaac offers a broad spectrum of original solutions. From creative brainstorm sessions to market and user-group analyses. From sketches on paper to photo-realistic computer renders. From 3D printed prototypes to CAD engineered designs. We've got the tools to create innovative designs that uniquely differentiate you from other brands.

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    Studio Murmur

    Studio Murmur is a Chicago based industrial design firm that provides creative and consulting services in design research, product design and product development.

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    Satellite develops products in uncharted territories by forming long term relationships with companies that have a desire to take off in the market place. Our passion for design creates engaging product experiences. We see unmet opportunities and leverage them to bring your products and brands to life. Our processes grow your business by driving brand loyalty.

  7. Faction Bike Studio

    Faction Bike Studio

    Faction Bike Studio offers industrial design and engineering services dedicated to the bike industry. We design bicycle frames, components, and accessories for manufacturers worldwide.

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    Anvil Studios

    Anvil Studios is a Seattle-based partnership between Greg Janky and Treasure Hinds, both accomplished product design professionals. We are a boutique firm which allows us to be nimble enough to provide innovative solutions to Fortune 500 companies, yet accessible enough to help put start-ups on the map.

  9. Two at Six

    Two at Six

    Two at Six helps brands connect with their audiences in a more meaningful & tactile way. From design conception through to manufacture we combine over 20 years of industry know-how and award winning design experience to deliver effective yet beautiful solutions to our clients.

  10. Innovation Developments

    Innovation Developments

    Based in London and founded in 2004, Innovation Developments creates strategically focused, commercially relevant businesses based on innovative product design. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience collaborating with clients worldwide. By applying our commercial and market sector experience, we help our clients create successful, innovative and highly profitable businesses by providing end to end design services and the associated support required to take a product to market.

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    Exonaute is a design agency that is focusing on product, digital and branding innovation that serve the fundamental human needs.

  12. LAJOS


    Established in 2017, LAJOS strives to uncover and highlight Taiwan's unique industrial strengths. To do this, we focus on the interpretation of emotional connections by identifying the values that improve people's lives. We aim to bring a more liberated, experimental approach to production, pushing our design work to wherever the heady heights of our expansive imaginations take us.

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    Dunes Design

    Dunes Design was founded by Cyan Godfrey, an award winning Industrial designer with over 15 years experience in product development. Cyan has expertise in designing products from initial sketch through to manufacture over a range of categories including housewares, medical devices and consumer electronics.

  14. Doshi Levien

    Doshi Levien

    Doshi Levien is an internationally acclaimed design studio founded by designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien.

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    BLACK Design Associates

    BLACK is a design and venture consultancy. Our job is to work with business leaders and development teams to "identify ideas, reduce risk, and actualize market breakthroughs."

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    IDWS has a focus to bring a product to life in creative and innovative ways, utilizing the latest rendering techniques and 3D CAD software.

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    Axis Design

    Axis delivers smart, compelling, and effective solutions that enhance and support your brand. We employ a team of top tier designers, who have the experience, vision, and talent to ensure your brand and associated products are designed to reach their pinnacle.

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    Ram Industrial Design creates compelling user experiences through product + packaging + environment + interface design solutions. Ram develops award winning designs that make a difference in people's lives.

  19. 2sympleks


    2sympleks is a creative studio specialized in product design. We are a team of young designers, thinkers and programmers. Our group often stretches beyond our specializations, incorporating experts from vastly different fields in order to deliver new, outstanding solutions.

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    One Off Effects

    One Off Effects is located in Southern California in the greater Los Angeles area. We have a design and fabrication team that's worked for Disney, Boeing, Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works Division, Navair, Sandia Labs, Fiskar Automotive, Magnuson Superchargers, Fox and Mazda. The skill sets of our highly trained staff and affiliates, complement each other to offer a complete line of services for your needs. We provide clients with attentive consultation and guarantee fast turnaround because what we do is both our work and our passion.

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    Snapp Design

    Snapp is a distinctive lifestyle brand creating unique products that add enjoyment to everyday life.

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    Wingspan Design

    Wingspan Design provides product development services tailored specifically to particular companys needs including turnkey design, product branding, and manufacturing engineering.

  23. ID Group

    ID Group

    ID Group offers award winning industrial design, product development, and prototyping services for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. Our forward thinking designers are on the cutting edge of manufacturable and marketable design solutions for your new product design.

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    SchultzeWORKS is a full-service industrial design firm specializing in the design of consumer electronics, housewares, furniture and lighting.

  25. Solaris Design

    Solaris Design

    Solaris Design is a creative, technology driven agency for product design, prototyping, industrial design and manufacturing. We are a multidisciplinary design firm, offering broad international experience coupled with a unique innovation process.

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    Montgomery Pfeifer

    For almost two decades, Montgomery Pfeifer has developed product and brand identities that are both unmistakable and compelling. MontgomeryPfeifer offers creative talent, confident passion for design and analytical understanding of its values - all applied in a process that is efficient, timely and flexible.

    San Francisco, CA, United States
  27. ACLA Studio

    ACLA Studio

    ACLA is a design and innovation consultancy based in Los Angeles with an industrial design and engineering focus. We embrace brands and customer needs to design unique experiences. Our expertise and our culture of innovation are what drives us to define the future of products and transportation.

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    Notus Design

    Notus Design is composed by two products designers much in love with design and with what it can do to people.

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    Steinhobel Design

    Steinhobel Design's mission is to design products for their clients, which will vastly increase profitability and market share, through their excellence.

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    Henninge is an industrial design company creating beautiful design solutions for clients who value real solutions with gifted mechanical understanding.