Industrial Design Studios

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  1. Spark


    Spark is a design agency, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and with a branch office in Recife, Brazil. We are a team of 30 professionals with a passion for innovation and design.

  2. The Shapery

    The Shapery

    Founded by Robin Zwama and Beluccina Liu, The Shapery has grown into a passionate team of experienced and award-winning designers of various cultures and backgrounds. Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai we are close to manufacturers for efficient quality control. We work together collaboratively with brands all over the world on Industrial Design, Brand Identity, and Digital Design.

  3. Joan Rojeski

    Joan Rojeski

    Joan Rojeski is a product, graphic and web design studio where customized projects are born and carried out according to the client needs. Since its opening in 2010, many national and international companies have relied on the services of Joan Rojeski.

  4. C'monde


    C'monde is a strategic design & innovation consultancy with a user-centered philosophy. We use design thinking and qualitative research to understand our users' needs and turn data into insight. The insight enables us to identify opportunities for innovation and anticipate changing attitudes.

  5. Studio 7.5

    Studio 7.5

    Studio 7.5 is an international design team based in Berlin, Germany. Studio 7.5's design work covers a range of media - from product design to communication design.

  6. Evie Group

    Evie Group

    Evie Group is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Sydney's Balmain East. Co-founded in 2010 by industrial designers Alex Gilmour and Dominic Chong, the duo has evolved Evie Group into a growing design consultancy offering product and graphic design services and showroom retailing their design collection, Evie.

  7. TAD Studio

    TAD Studio

    TAD is a London based industrial design studio servicing both high-growth corporate manufacturers and invention startups worldwide.

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    Scholten & Baijings

    Scholten & Baijings is a Dutch Design duo, run by Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijngs established in 2000. In their designs they make use of grids, colour, transparencies and layers.

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    Muka Design Lab

    Muka Design Lab is an award winning industrial design studio from the Basque Country in Northern Spain that specializes in slow design to create furniture, consumer goods and home appliances with character. We believe in "slow design" and work with talented local artisans and craftsmen to design everyday objects people love. From sustainable furniture to industrial design concepts, every great design begins with a story that gives life to each piece.

  10. Branch


    Branch is a San Francisco-based industrial design studio. Branch's designers focus on creating beautifully and thoughtfully designed products that are contemporary and forward-thinking in form, while, at the same time, respect and pay homage to the roots of industrial design as a heritage, hands-on craft.

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    Stefan Radev & Partners

    Stefan Radev & Partners is an award winning international consultancy with a proven track record of successful collaborations in international, interdisciplinary design & high-end visualization projects. Our speciality is applying a unique, context related design approach with added value, strengthened by our team members who are experts in their fields, as well as implementing tailored external expertise.

  12. S2Victor


    S2Victor is a small but strong company founded in 2014 by two designers, Seo Min-kwan and Seo Hong-seok.

  13. Prime Studio

    Prime Studio

    Prime Studio is a product + brand design consultancy based in the heart of New York City. We're a small team with big ideas. Since 1998, our insights and thinking have been trusted by some of the best companies and most talked-about brands.

  14. Waarmakers


    Waarmakers is a Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam. We specialise in strategic and circular product design, creative concepts, design innovation and prototyping.

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    StudioMOM is a Dutch based design agency that was set up in 2002 by Alfred van Elk and Mars Holwerda. StudioMOM is specialized in product identity and product design.

  16. Peter Stathis and Virtual Studio

    Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

    Virtual Studio is a collaborative design venture with a specialization in the development of products, furnishings, lighting and accessories for home, office and hospitality, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are equal parts office and atelier, and as a result, are both a client-led service design bureau as well as an independent licensing-venture studio. Clients and collaborators range from Amazon to Uber.

  17. Peter Solomon Design

    Peter Solomon Design

    Peter Solomon Design is a boutique consultancy which specializes in designing innovative, passion-evoking products based on profound human insights.

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    I2D is a multidisciplinary design firm, offering broad international experience coupled with a unique innovation process. We have worked on award winning design projects ranging from the Palm V, through polestar MRI, with clients such as AT&T, Dell, Pepsi, Samsung, Motorola, and Scitex.

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    Emo Design

    Founded in 2008 by Lukasz Bertoli and Carlo Ciciliot, Emo Design is an industrial design consultancy that helps companies to utilize design as a strategic tool.

  20. LAYER


    LAYER is focused on experience-driven design for both the physical and digital worlds. Led by Benjamin and a growing creative team, LAYER is partnering with forward-thinking brands - including Nike, Google, Bang and Olufsen, Samsung, Braun, Fritz Hansen and Vitra - to create products that will help define the way we live, work and communicate in the future, from A.I. to the next generation of media devices and mobile communication tools.

  21. Future Factory

    Future Factory

    Future Factory is one of Asia's leading innovation and design consultancy with studios in Singapore, Mumbai, Bangalore. We are an award-winning, full-service studio, offering design research, industrial and communication design, innovation labs, user experience and digital design services.

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    Zaim Design

    Zaim is a creative design agency founded by Hamit Kazanci and Melda Gul.

  23. Astro Studios

    Astro Studios

    Since launching in 1994, Astro Studios has been designing breakthrough products, brands and experiences at the intersection of technology and lifestyle. With one foot planted in San Francisco and the other firmly in the future, Astro's design work is inspired by the relentless innovation of the Bay Area, the rebel spirit of the West Coast, and the limitless possibilities of the cosmos. Astro's work has ranged from shaving sets to virtual reality, touching tens of millions of people worldwide and helping elevate our clients' businesses into the stratosphere.

  24. C7DESIGN


    C7DESIGN has proven to be of great value for startups and established businesses alike. We approach a new project by applying design thinking to a creative problem solving methodology that encompasses business strategy, technology and creativity. By questioning given norms we uncover opportunity areas that will help your business empathize with consumers and explore winning solutions for growth.

  25. Renfrew Group International

    Renfrew Group International

    Renfrew Group International design and build world class products through their range of industrial design, rapid prototyping, functional design and creative innovation services

  26. FLEX/design


    FLEX/design is an industrial design, product development and structural packaging agency that strives to create a new reality: for our clients, for consumers and for our society. We do this by developing new consumer products, structural packaging solutions and professional products.

  27. GreySpace Studios

    GreySpace Studios

    GreySpace is a full-service design agency based in New Delhi, India, that offers solutions for all your design needs. Our work encompasses branding, graphics and identity design, packaging design, product design and digital experiences.

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    Studio17 is a London based multi-disciplinary design consultancy established by David Evans and Ashley May. With our professional backgrounds in Product and Transport design, we fuse our skills and experience to compliment one another in the design process.

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    Ivan Duval and Jean Sebastien Ides create objects that you do need, from ears for your wall to pre-exposed, ready for processing, disposable camera with 27 photos of Paris.

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    MM Design

    MM Design Srl, founded in 1991, is a strategic design consultancy based in Bolzano, Italy. It stands for valuable, reliable and personalized product and service design, as well as research for new material appliances, always focusing on innovative design solutions and the creation of USP's for the customers.