Industrial Design Studios

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  1. Micieli Design Workshop

    Micieli Design Workshop

    Micieli Design Workshop designs & develops innovative products using a unique method that combines design thinking with industrial design. Consumer goods, appliances, medical equipment, electrical accessories are some of the fields where we continue to bring value to new products. The studio can handle the entire design process: from the user needs exploration and analysis phase to design research and innovation until the development of the design for manufacturing and engineering.

  2. SchmietaPlus


    SchmietaPlus is a Boston based product design studio dedicated to creating unique, iconic, innovative and user-friendly products. Collaborating across disciplines, our industrial design projects range from user research and insights
 collection, to concept exploration and product development, to packaging design. Spanning diverse brands and industries, SchmietaPlus focuses on industrial design and user experience for point of sale, life science and consumer products.

  3. Cardboard Helicopter

    Cardboard Helicopter

    Cardboard Helicopter is an award-winning boutique product design studio in Cleveland, Ohio that provides highly skilled industrial design services to brands and entrepreneurs, helping them design, develop and innovate new products.

  4. Formeta


    Formeta is a new generation design studio of a creative and open-minded team aiming to create value through innovative design.

  5. Platform Product Design

    Platform Product Design

    Platform Product Design is a small and versatile product design & engineering studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. With our scalable network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers, we offer a lean and affordable solution to new product development and prototyping for small startups or large corporations.

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    Treat and Company

    Treat and Company is a Minneapolis design firm specializing in product development, surface design, trend research and ideation. Treat creates amazing products-trend-inspired and awe-inspiring.

  7. hexhead


    hexhead is a unique product design and development studio focused on building innovation and brand craving in lifestyle, sport, outdoor, and everyday objects that do what they're designed to do. We are a talented collective of designers, innovators, thinkers, story-tellers, product developers and engineers working together to create meaningful innovation that resonates with the brand vision and consumers alike.

  8. Kreg Jones

    Kreg Jones

    Kreg Jones LLC was established in 2005 serving a range of Fortune 500 companies along with small businesses and independent inventors. We specialize in industrial design services including user research, concept ideation, digital fabrication, 3D modeling, product animation and photorealistic rendering.

  9. Everything Elevated

    Everything Elevated

    Everything Elevated is a Norwegian Creative Studio. The studio's unique approach, applicable across industries, uses design as a tool to communicate the essence of ideas, materials and stories for brand differentiation.

  10. Remion Design

    Remion Design

    Remion Design is a creative agency founded in 2014 in Budapest. We specialize in industrial design, branding, UI/UX design and wayfinding design.

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    Mellem is a design agency that creates experiences and tells stories through products and services.

  12. Karfidov Lab

    Karfidov Lab

    Karfidov Lab specializes in engineering design and product design services. We focus on medical devices, personal electronics, industrial and lab equipment.

  13. Peter Stathis and Virtual Studio

    Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

    Virtual Studio is a collaborative design venture with a specialization in the development of products, furnishings, lighting and accessories for home, office and hospitality, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are equal parts office and atelier, and as a result, are both a client-led service design bureau as well as an independent licensing-venture studio. Clients and collaborators range from Amazon to Uber.

  14. Ooblec


    Ooblec is a lean, global design strategy group that adapts to your business needs. We are experts in the flow of creation and the ever-changing requirements of people. We change based on the forces exerted on us and you. Our team is always evolving to help our clients thrive and adapt above the competition.

  15. K8 Industridesign

    K8 Industridesign

    K8 Industridesign is a team of designers and engineers, offering services within product innovation and business development. We are fearless, playful and responsible when approaching new projects, and work in close cooperation with our partners. This results in smart products improving life, work and society.

  16. Phoenix Consultants

    Phoenix Consultants

    We work with large businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop innovative products using our specialist knowledge, expertise and industry experience that disrupt markets and solve real-world problems.

  17. PTI Design

    PTI Design

    PTI Design is an industrial design studio focused on taking great ideas and designing them into manufacturable products. The studio uniquely taps into more than 25 years of experience to bring great products to market. Our ideation team, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts work closely together - from that first "napkin" sketch and preliminary design to performance engineering and manufacturability - to ensure efficient delivery of great, high-quality products.

  18. Dolmen


    Dolmen is a creative design and innovation consultancy. We use design thinking to better understand your customers and deliver world-class, internationally award-winning products and services. We generate IP & patents for our clients and lean product development underpins everything that we do.

  19. Acorn Design

    Acorn Design

    Acorn Design is a norwegian design company with a global team of award winning industrial designers, graphic designers, product stylists, suppliers and manufactures covering over 12 different countries. Our work is in use globally from the Swedish Emergency Services to the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York and greenhouses in Canada.

  20. Springtime Design

    Springtime Design

    Springtime Design is a creative force that creates exciting and paradigm-shifting products and brands in the field of mobility, juvenile products, consumer electronics and sports. We are based in Amsterdam and have our tentacles all over the globe. Our clients include Nike, Dell, Coca-Cola and Toyota.

  21. Ideaal


    Ideaal is a design and innovation studio, on a mission to help companies create great products and meaningful experiences through design. Since 2009 we have designed hundreds of products and experiences - we excel in consumer electronics, smart products and professional equipment where usability and user experience are an essential part of the product.

  22. Ordonez-ID


    Ordonez-ID is an industrial design and innovation company, founded by Ordonez in 2001. The firm is capable of putting new product ideas and projects into production. ​We make new projects tangible, we improve existing products, and we overcome challenges in a dynamic context.

  23. Beiber


    Beiber is a creative design team working out of both Beijing and Berlin. We strive to make excellent products, both in terms of the physical object and the users experience. Our team has a full spectrum expertise from concept design to manufacturing support, branding and strategy, UI and graphic design.

  24. Aemos


    Since 2000, Aemos designs and develops products for clients varying from niche hi-tech companies to market leaders. We work closely with marketing and sales professionals, as well as electronic and mechanical engineers, construction shops, and technical experts to provide our clients hands-on design solutions.

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    Cube creates innovative new products in home-wares, electrical appliances, sporting products, electronic equipment, packaging, and healthcare. Providing industrial design and product engineering services to industrial and commercial clients. Cube specialises in the design of plastic moulded components and has links to Chinese manufacturers of plastic injection mouldings and toolmaking.

  26. INDEA


    INDEA is an agency born as a professional-network studio offering a one-stop solution for individuals, startups and international companies who need professional assistance to realize their projects. At INDEA we offer a wide range of targeted, tailor-made services for CAD, 3D Product Design, Engineering, Digital Marketing, 3D Printing (Digital manufacturing), Graphic Design and B2B, making use of the latest techniques for every field to always guarantee an innovative and effective approach to every single project.

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    Made In Mind

    In 2009 Min-Kyu joined forces with Matthew Judkins, a business creative with specific expertise in concept realisation. Together they formed Made in Mind and set about bringing their ideas to life.

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    Creattak is a team of multidisciplinary creatives with a wide domain in all the areas of the process, which contributes added value to the brands with differentiated and innovative products.

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    Study O Portable

    Study O Portable is a designing practice for accessories and other portable objects, founded by Bernadette Deddens and Tetsuo Mukai in London in 2009.

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    Convert Studios

    Convert Studios is an Australian based product design studio. We specialise in working with companies, entrepreneurs and others to help bring their products to market through product development, rapid prototyping and manufacture.