Industrial Design Studios

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  1. 3XUID


    3XUID is a product design studio. We see ourselves as a generator of innovative thinking and provider of functional and recognizable design solutions for our clients.

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    Stereo Design

    Stereo Design is a full service industrial design agency. We have extensive experience in strategic consultancy, concept development, design engineering and prototyping. Our clients include Friesland Campina, Joolz and Waka Waka.

  3. Enfost


    Enfost is a team of strategic thinkers and industrial designers who believe in being 'Growth Catalyst' for organizations. Meaningful growth requires disruptive thinking combined with logical execution. Deeper research and design thinking becomes the starting point, supported by a relentless pursuit of perfection and attention to detail.

  4. Woke Studios

    Woke Studios

    Founded in 2013 by Iranian-American designer Afshin Mehin, Woke is a futurist-led design studio working at the convergence of industrial and experience design. A leader in wearable technology, Woke is at the forefront of Brain-Machine Interfaces and designing thought-based interactions. With a global design team headquartered in San Francisco, Woke's client roster includes Neuralink, Amazon, Lululemon, and Postmates.

    San Francisco, CA, United States
  5. Werkemotion


    Werkemotion s.r.o. is design studio based in Prague, CZ & Bratislava, SK - the heart of Europe and the center of automotive industry. Werkemotion offers an engaging portfolio of premium design services, including high-end transport, industrial design, styling, and product marketing.

  6. Industrial Facility

    Industrial Facility

    Industrial Facility is a London-based design office formed by designer Sam Hecht and architect Kim Colin. With designer Ippei Matsumoto, it has established itself as a significant design office of mass-produced goods.

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    Vivek Amberkar

    Vivek Amberkar is a budding design consultancy, based in Mumbai, committed to deliver user driven design.

  8. Formeta


    Formeta is a new generation design studio of a creative and open-minded team aiming to create value through innovative design.

  9. Design3


    Design3 is an independent and owner-managed agency supporting both start-ups and leading international companies (e.g. LG, Miele and Huawei) that specialize in consumer and industrial goods as well as medical technology. Our approach rests upon the conviction that outstanding products should be developed on the basis of user needs, quality, user-friendliness and reduced complexity. We maintain this attitude across all of our services - from UX research and design strategy to industrial design and user interface design.

  10. Phox


    Phox is an industrial design studio that aims to create innovative projects with great quality. With our industrial and product design knowledge, we support our clients during the whole project development: from the concept design to the product engineering.

  11. acasso


    (acasso) is a team of multidisciplinary designers and engineers with a profound sense of craftsmanship. We design beautiful and innovative products and their experiences that reflect the brand's essence and philosophy. We do not end up providing just 'concepts.' Our engineering capabilities transform the concepts into mass-producible products.

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    Emamidesign is an award winning industrial design studio located in Berlin, Germany. Specialized in the product design of consumer goods, household appliances and lifestyle.

  13. Ànima Barcelona

    Ànima Barcelona

    Product design studio based in Barcelona founded in 2002. High expertise in different areas like electronics, appliances, transportation, health and medicine, sports.

  14. CERO


    CERO is a multidisplinary studio based in Barcelona. We enjoy turning ideas into beautiful and engaging experiences, from the concept development to the finished product.

  15. Empoise


    Empoise is an industrial design studio founded in 2010 by highly passionate industrial designers and engineers with an extensive global experience of creating successful products and brands. We are committed to deliver irresistible design solutions.

  16. Mettle Studio

    Mettle Studio

    Mettle is a team of product designers with a broad skill set and extensive experience in the prototyping of innovative, smart products. We love working with clients to transform their wildest dreams in to beautiful physical and digital reality.

  17. Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio is an Italian design firm specialized in product design and branding. They work with various international companies that operate in different market sectors collaborating with them for all aspects concerning the creation and development of new products and their communication.

  18. Kibardindesign


    Kibardindesign studio was founded in Prague by designer Vadim Kibardin. We make modern furniture, objects and gadgets.

  19. Studio 63

    Studio 63

    Studio 63 is a multi-award winning product design studio specializing in sporting gear, water sports, high end audio and automotive concept development located in Ottawa, Canada.

  20. Objest Studio

    Objest Studio

    Objest Studio is a London-based product design company. Our work covers product innovation, industrial design and CMF strategy. We design simple products with personality for some of the world's most successful brands.

  21. Kiba Design

    Kiba Design

    Kiba is an industrial design & product innovation studio based in New Delhi.

  22. MOS


    MOS is a young company located in Barcelona. The leading forces behind MOS are two entrepreneurs, David Grifols and David Roselló, who have worked in various design roles over the past years. MOS offers a wide range of design services, from industrial design to graphic design to interior design and product development.

  23. Tej Chauhan

    Tej Chauhan

    Tej Chauhan is an award-winning industrial design studio known for designing cutting-edge consumer technology and homeware with a unique emotive visual style. From design projects for production to concept forecasting for clients ranging from startups to global brands, the studio's work includes the iconic Colombo Two telephone, C-Pump for Joseph Joseph, a Handmade Series with Fiskars for Wallpaper* and the Hudl2 for Tesco, as well as some of Nokia's most innovative handsets.

  24. OBERWELZdesign


    OBERWELZdesign is a Graz-based industrial design studio specialized on strategic product design & user-centered innovation. We serve international clients with ideas and strategies for brands and products from the first sketch to commercial viability. Our goal is to create products with relevance, solutions that make a product more successful and meet the true needs of its users. Our way of working can also result in a redesign of services, processes, strategies, new business models and a combination of them - we create whole user experiences.

  25. Cohda


    Founded in 2003, Cohda has evolved into a multidisciplinary team, capable of delivering highly innovative design solutions. For over 15 years our multi-faceted team of creatives, product designers, engineers, technical experts, makers and material researchers have worked with international clients to deliver original product solutions and experiences that corner new markets and increase market share.

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    Un-Real Studio

    Un-real studio offers a qualified design service with targeted consultation for businesses. Founded in 2009 by Arch./Designer Federico Biffi Gentili and Designer Alessio Zampolini, the studio is growing rapidly because of the importance of the projects and the reputation that is gaining in Italy and abroad.

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    lenartstudios creates brand-building work for a variety of industries, including consumer, technology, sports and medical. We are designers and strategists who have been designing products people love for 20 years.

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    Notion is a new strategic industrial design studio. We collaborate with our clients to excite markets, helping them to create beautifully disruptive products, packaging, applications and environments.

  29. Desmania


    Desmania started as a modest garage operation in 1993 and has grown over the years as a multi-disciplinary design studio in Manesar, Gurugram. Desmania has an evolved design process and a clear design thinking to offer path-breaking and customized design solutions to the clients. We are a rock-solid team with the versatility to take up projects across the industry segments.

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    Outofstock is a cross-continental design collective, born out of a meeting in Stockholm. Outofstock is a registered business in Singapore, with studio locations in Singapore, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.