Industrial Design Studios

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    One Object

    One Object is a Hong Kong based design studio, which offers corporations new opportunity for product innovation and brand development.

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    Igloo Design

    Research and innovation is our key to understanding how to make your next product better and more suited to your target markets. The result is a winning product - one superior in design, affording great user experience, and straightforward to manufacture; a product that will leave the competition behind.

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    Naumann Design

    Since 1991 Peter Naumann and his team handle design projects with great personal commitment. In particular, the ability to offer both vehicle design and industrial design makes for important synergy.

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    Product Resolutions

    Product Resolutions offers a complete solution of innovation, award winning design, manufacture and supply. Our commercial experience and combined expertise in design and manufacture means we are able to give great design while keeping production costs competitive.

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    Soerig is an industrial design studio based in Denmark. Characteristic for Soerig Thomsen Design is passion and determination, together with the pleasure of designing the products of tomorrow.

  6. Moukie Design

    Moukie Design

    Moukie is an award-winning industrial design consultancy that helps companies & individuals to design, innovate, and manufacture products. We specialize in FMCG, soft goods, IoT, tech, and wearables.

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    Arkit studio provides industrial design management services, in accordance with market needs. The studio specializes in developing products, from concept development to industrial product design processes, supplying engineering and human engineering services and production management services.

  8. PONG


    PONG is a Berlin-based industrial design studio. We love to create desirable products which make our daily lives easier and more fun.

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    Brightbird is a creative design studio that specializes in product innovation and the effective use of product design. Brightbird applies 20 years of international design experience to develop the best design for our clients, for their particular products, in their particular market situation.

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    Angelini Design

    Angelini Design was founded in Bologna in 1980. The team's streamlined and flexible structure can develop a project independently or can assume a complementary role in support of a client's, or supplier's, existing in-house structures thus adding the Angelini flair and experience to the client's own specific competencies and creating, in a sense, a bespoke R&D centre.

  11. Antimatter


    Antimatter is a design agency at the intersection of product design, connected experiences, and strategy. We are user-centered and business-focused, with a deep understanding of technology.

  12. Box Clever

    Box Clever

    Based in San Francisco, California, Box Clever is an award-winning design agency specializing in creating thoughtful consumer experiences that surprise and delight. The Box Clever team works with large and small companies alike on a wide range of projects including hardware design, brand experiences, consumer electronics, furniture, lighting and more.

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    Bleijh provides everything from a branding concept to the production of the finished item. With our extensive network of professionals we can guarantee the expected quality of the final result.

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    Crux Product Design

    Crux Product Design is a multidisciplinary design studio with an even mix of creative designers & engineering experts making us a truly rounded design agency.

  15. Gris


    Gris is an industrial and product design studio based in Madrid. The studio provides consultancy on consumer and technological goods with a novel combination of research, creativity and computation.

  16. David Irwin

    David Irwin

    David Irwin is a British Industrial Design Studio driven by a desire to assign purpose to both traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes. Focused on material exploration, David Irwin works for leading manufacturers and design-led companies such as Habitat, Deadgood and Juniper within the realm of contemporary furniture, product and lighting design.

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    Studio Novo

    Studio Novo is an award winning design studio focused on industrial design and brand communication design located in the heart of Vienna.

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    LCDC is a small but fast growing design consultancy. Currently based in Shanghai P.R. China, with the world's manufacturers at its finger tips. LCDC's approach to design is to study old habits to develop products that improve user experience.

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    Prod Designs

    Prod is an integrated design consultancy based in London satisfying all your product and graphic design needs. We love applying our creative skills to solve your problems and achieve your goals working with you to create effective, elegant, innovative design.

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    Naolab is a design and products company engaged in creating new values for Naolab's core group of brands as well as other interested companies. Products are conceived for either mass-production or limited editions. Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Naolab was founded in 2007 by German Industrial Designer Tim Richter. Through select, worldwide partnerships and collaborations, Tim envisaged creating unique objects where design and innovation connect global ideas.

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    Momentum Design

    Momentum is a design consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland. We engage in Industrial Design and related services, such as product strategy definition, interface design, product graphics, packaging, point-of-sales solutions, 3d modeling and modelmaking.

  22. 21am


    21am is a design & innovation firm based in Milan, leading a new way of thinking, conscious of the era we live in and establishing new bases for a different approach to design.

  23. 3PART


    3PART is a full-service development house that has extensive experience in exchanging companies' ambitions and challenges to positive results on the bottom line. We specialize in running processes that can create value in both small and large projects. Together, we create new products and services that are both exciting and long-lasting, while making a real difference to your customers and the market.

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    Pennanen Design

    Pennanen Design is a design studio specialising in transport design, product design and graphic design. We combine years of experience, passion, belief and dedication towards transforming ideas into solutions.

  25. The Fuel

    The Fuel

    The Fuel industrial design studio specializes in the definition and creation of mass-produced consumer and professional technology products for both manufacturers and brands. We design the visual appearance, interactions, and all aspects of the product experience to create devices that are easy to use and easy to sell, balancing the needs of human behavior, technology, and marketing.

  26. Alfred van Elk

    Alfred van Elk

    Experienced Dutch design studio working in the field of product design, furniture design and strategic design.

  27. MMID Group

    MMID Group

    MMID is an international product development agency with over 85 employees based across 5 locations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. We are convinced that flourishing people are the basis for developing excellent and responsible products. Products developed by MMID have a long lifespan, they are profitable and valuable to all that interact with them.

  28. Valerio Cometti and V12 Design

    Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

    From eyewear to consumer electronics, furniture to sport equipment, lighting and lifestyle, working alongside young start-ups and prestigious multinationals, here at Valerio Cometti+V12 Design creativity brings success. Product, graphic and brand design work hand in hand to deliver outstanding results.