Industrial Design Studios

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    3PART designs industrial products and solutions for the Danish and global markets, from industrial components to assistive technology and lifestyle products.

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    Momentum Design

    Momentum is a design consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland. We engage in Industrial Design and related services, such as product strategy definition, interface design, product graphics, packaging, point-of-sales solutions, 3d modeling and modelmaking.

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    LCDC is a small but fast growing design consultancy. Currently based in Shanghai P.R. China, with the world's manufacturers at its finger tips. LCDC's approach to design is to study old habits to develop products that improve user experience.

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    Eliumstudio is a team of 5 designers specialised in global and product design. With more than 10 years of international experience, eliumstudio explores all the fields of creation through its professionalism and creativity.

  5. Mightyseed Designs

    Mightyseed Designs

    Mightyseed Designs is an industrial design and development company. The company has a strong track record of designing unique products with global standards. We're particularly proud of our team's ground experience in the field that translates to the quality of work. We define product concept through user research, agile prototype development, and quality check which ensure your product is ready to be launched on time and in assured quality.

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    NextOfKin Creatives

    NextOfKin is founded in the twin spirits of creative thinking and building bonds. We strive for designs that stir desire and enhance user experience. Creations that become integral parts of your life.

  7. Gris


    Gris is an industrial and product design studio based in Madrid. The studio provides consultancy on consumer and technological goods with a novel combination of research, creativity and computation.

  8. 21am


    21am is a design & innovation firm based in Milan, leading a new way of thinking, conscious of the era we live in and establishing new bases for a different approach to design.

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    Pennanen Design

    Pennanen Design is a design studio specialising in transport design, product design and graphic design. We combine years of experience, passion, belief and dedication towards transforming ideas into solutions.

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    plllus is an industrial design studio based in Valence.

  11. MMID Group

    MMID Group

    MMID is an international product development agency with over 85 employees based across 5 locations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. We are convinced that flourishing people are the basis for developing excellent and responsible products. Products developed by MMID have a long lifespan, they are profitable and valuable to all that interact with them.

  12. Alfred van Elk

    Alfred van Elk

    Experienced Dutch design studio working in the field of product design, furniture design and strategic design.

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    Patzak Design

    Patzak Design is a studio for industrial design and packaging design, located in the Rhine-Main-Area, Germany.

  14. Valerio Cometti and V12 Design

    Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

    From eyewear to consumer electronics, furniture to sport equipment, lighting and lifestyle, working alongside young start-ups and prestigious multinationals, here at Valerio Cometti+V12 Design creativity brings success. Product, graphic and brand design work hand in hand to deliver outstanding results.

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    Kastl Design

    Kastl Design develops products from the first idea till serial production. From first sketch, mock-up and 3-dimensional computerconstruction up to detailed prototypes.

  16. Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio

    Pq Design Studio is an Italian design firm specialized in product design and branding. They work with various international companies that operate in different market sectors collaborating with them for all aspects concerning the creation and development of new products and their communication.

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    CHd works with a wide range of projects of varying scales, including product and furniture design, store concept and interior design. Our design strategy is rooted in a sensitivity to material choices. We have extensive experience in the production and manufacturing process and always involve our clients from the design conception stage to product execution.

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    Studio Gregor van Egdom

    Gregor van Egdom is a Hague based industrial design studio which focuses on rapid prototyping of electronic products. We build "teasers" of products so companies can e.g. test market acceptance of an idea or persuade investors.

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    DesignedMade is the recently launched British design label from product designer Jonathan Krawczuk. DesignedMade is about the interdependent relationship between design and production.

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    InDezign is a group of industrial product designers creating innovative but distinguished products to ease everyday life.

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    Studio Shulab

    A total design studio offering solutions that vary from industrial design, graphic design and space design.

  22. Teqzo Consulting

    Teqzo Consulting

    Teqzo Consulting is an innovation & design consulting firm. We believe in transforming businesses through design intervention and our vision is to be a global leader in this endeavor.

  23. StauffacherBenz


    StauffacherBenz is a studio for product design based near Zurich / Switzerland, founded in 2003 by Nicole Benz and Stefan Stauffacher. Their field of activity ranges from appliances and furnishings to accessories, jewellery and even trade fair stands. StauffacherBenz do commissioned work for their clients as well as they develop their own ideas, from which smart and surprising products or witty conceptual design statements can emerge.

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    Peter Opsvik

    Peter Opsvik AS is a Norwegian design studio, situated in the heart of Oslo. The studio has a strong focus on product design as a mean for solving real-life problems. Core competence is furniture design, interior design, ergonomics, environmental oriented solutions, engineering and communication.

  25. Wilddesign


    We are one of Europe's leading design agencies in the medical and healthcare industry. In our 360° approach we integrate user research, innovative design, technical implementation, and brand-building activities into a powerful support for forward-looking companies.

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    Yonoh is a design studio located in Valencia Spain made up of Alex Selma and Clara del Portillo.

  27. PONG


    PONG is a Berlin-based industrial design studio. We love to create desirable products which make our daily lives easier and more fun.

  28. stilform


    stilform was established in Munich, Germany. The studio is specialized in various fields of design, ranging from industrial & packaging design to CGI projects.