Industrial Design Studios

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  1. StauffacherBenz


    StauffacherBenz is a studio for product design based near Zurich / Switzerland, founded in 2003 by Nicole Benz and Stefan Stauffacher. Their field of activity ranges from appliances and furnishings to accessories, jewellery and even trade fair stands. StauffacherBenz do commissioned work for their clients as well as they develop their own ideas, from which smart and surprising products or witty conceptual design statements can emerge.

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    Peter Opsvik

    Peter Opsvik AS is a Norwegian design studio, situated in the heart of Oslo. The studio has a strong focus on product design as a mean for solving real-life problems. Core competence is furniture design, interior design, ergonomics, environmental oriented solutions, engineering and communication.

  3. Wilddesign


    We are one of Europe's leading design agencies in the medical and healthcare industry. In our 360° approach we integrate user research, innovative design, technical implementation, and brand-building activities into a powerful support for forward-looking companies.

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    Yonoh is a design studio located in Valencia Spain made up of Alex Selma and Clara del Portillo.

  5. Nonfiction


    Nonfiction is a San Francisco-based creative studio specializing in industrial design, branding, user experience design, architecture, engineering and strategy. We turn science fiction into reality for a better future. We engage consumers through the design of unique and sophisticated products with rich backstories. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to funded startups all over the world. We leverage our relationships with manufacturing partners to execute your ideas on time and on budget.

  6. stilform


    stilform was established in Munich, Germany. The studio is specialized in various fields of design, ranging from industrial & packaging design to CGI projects.

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    Design Pool

    Design Pool believes good ideas become great products through vision, inspiration and an integral design process. Our objective is to create a soul for a product that doesn't get lost or watered down through interpretation.

  8. Gauzak


    Gauzak is a multi-skilled team comprising of industrial and product design professionals.

  9. Jozeph Forakis

    Jozeph Forakis

    We are a young, highly energized, multi-disciplinary, multi-talented team thriving on finding the perfect balance between creative inspiration and business savvy.

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    Budde Burkandt Design

    Budde Burkandt Design was founded by Janine Budde and Marco Burkandt in 2009. Since then the Munich-based design studio convinces both national and international companies.

  11. Yellowdot Design

    Yellowdot Design

    Yellowdot was founded by the designers Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan in 2017. The Hong Kong-based studio is celebrated for its marriage of culture, technology, science, arts and crafts. Through a collaborative spirit, embodying a playful yet exploratory approach combined with a sustainable and people-driven ethos, their work has resulted in an audacious, influential and culturally-relevant portfolio that encompasses products, interior design, exhibition design and furniture - taking in collaborations with a diverse client base and across industries and categories, from mass-produced electronics, home appliances, lighting, technology, fashion to handcrafted objects and furniture, often bringing their understanding of one process to their work on another.

  12. Reflect


    Reflect is a progressive industrial design studio established by Seungho Lee and Sangsoo Lee. We reflect various shapes of life to design through lifestyle goods, furniture and electronics.

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    Giopato & Coombes

    Giopato & Coombes offers product concept and development services through 3 dimensional research. This research inspired by all walks of life - or more importantly far from the design world - utilises simple modules, either conceptual or actual, to formulate a rational product with a fundamental idea.

  14. Atlason


    Atlason is a strategic design and innovation studio based in New York City. Since its founding in 2004 by Icelandic-born, New York City-based designer Hlynur V. Atlason, Atlason has delivered products and goods that are both beautiful and hold up under environmental scrutiny.

  15. Sacha Lakic

    Sacha Lakic

    Sacha Lakic is an award-winning design studio established 1994 by a creatively driven industrial designer. The studio produces contemporary design mastering various fields including furniture, automotive design, architecture, fashion, high tech and luxury products.

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    Ove has been offering complete product development services to local and international clients for more than two decades.

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    Joachim Nordwall Design

    Joachim Nordwall Design provides clients creative product design solutions, as well as conceptual design ideas and innovative future scenarios.

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    Faltazi is a French industrial design studio. They have collaborated with the SEB group since 2002, and have designed for them steam irons, vacuum cleaners or electric jugs.

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    Orange Creatives

    Orange Creatives is a Dutch design agency based in Guangzhou, China. Since 2007, we guide big and small brands to develop their ideas all the way up to mass production in China.

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    Creactive Design ID

    Creactive Design ID is an eminent industrial product design agency notable for its expertise in the fusion of design, manufacturing and function. Blending creative flair, technological innovation and an understanding of the needs of the end-user, Creactive delivers products which effectively meet client requirements and the changing expectations of the customer.

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    FactorsNY brings together all the factors from the aesthetic and emotive to the human and technological to create exceptional products.

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    Golden Planet

    Golden Planet offers product design and industrial design and exhibition and trade fair design and interior and lighting and special installations and furniture and extraordinary vehicles.

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    CWD is a London based industrial design studio. With over 20 years in the industry we offer world-class design with a wide range of services and people for a variety of projects. CWD has steadily built up an established client base ranging from household names to entrepreneurial startups. Products taken from the idea stage to full market introduction include gym equipment, marine instrumentation, outdoor lifestyle and many others we are not allowed to talk about.

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    United Innovation Studio

    Hong Kong based product design company since 1994. We emphasis on strategic design, by indentifying key words that represented consumer needs and mega-trends of soical changes, and converting the above into key elements of design activity.

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    Gualeni Design

    Gualeni Design provides creative and intelligent solutions for product development. As a blend of design and engineering, we are sensitive to both the functional mechanics of a product as well as the equally important aesthetics and styling.

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    ONdesign is constantly mindful of the evolution of customers' needs, in touch with market trends, and offers over twenty years' experience to companies that identify design and innovation as a key factor of success in a competitive environment. We are specialisied in designing consumer electronics, educational toys, cosmetic packaging, bathroom furnitures office ecquipments, writing instruments.

  27. BOIR Studio

    BOIR Studio

    BOIR is a Zagreb based multidisciplinary design studio that creates dining rituals and tableware.