Industrial Design Studios

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  1. Sabotage


    Sabotage is a design house dedicated to the art of creating delightful products & connected experiences.

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    Salient provides innovative industrial design, rapid prototyping, 3D Printing, ideation, engineering, strategy, form and function for leading brands that what to achieve a competitive edge in their marketplace.

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    Chrome Cherry

    Chrome Cherry Design Studio is a young and vibrant industrial design consultancy who understands the need for innovative and effective product development.

  4. Shibuleru


    Shibuleru directs design for industrial production that benefits from an ease and richness of experience ranging from graphics to architectural interventions.

  5. Bambú Studio

    Bambú Studio

    Bambú Studio is a creative agency focused on product design, specialized in the field of product creation and development, as well as how each product is brought to the market.

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    Credo specializes in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, research, and prototyping.

  7. Sprout Studios

    Sprout Studios

    Sprout is an award-winning, Boston-based concept to launch design studio deeply rooted in today's pop culture and technology. Our multi-disciplinary team fuses innovation, creativity, and instinct to design authentic lifestyle-driven products, brands, and experiences to grow your business.

  8. NEODI


    NEODI is a product design studio that provides services to companies who want to innovate and enhance the competitiveness of its products.

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    Micieli Design Workshop

    Micieli Design Workshop is a firm specialised in industrial design and brand identity. Consumer goods, appliances, medical equipments, electrical accessories are some of the fields where we continue to bring value to new products. The studio can handle the entire design process: from the knowledge and analysis phase to design research and innovation untill the development of design for manufacturing and engineering.

  10. Scandinavian Designers

    Scandinavian Designers

    Scandinavian Designers was originally founded in 1982 by Professor Gideon Loewy under the name Loewy Design Denmark. From our studio in Copenhagen, Denmark we serviced top Danish clients such as Bang & Olufsen, Royal Cen and Louis Poulsen. From 1990, we began to work with European and then American clients, and in 1995 our operations expanded into Asia.

  11. Vosq


    Vosq is a product design studio, based in Moscow.

  12. hexhead


    hexhead is a unique product design and development studio focused on building innovation and brand craving in lifestyle, sport, outdoor, and everyday objects that do what they're designed to do. We are a talented collective of designers, innovators, thinkers, story-tellers, product developers and engineers working together to create meaningful innovation that resonates with the brand vision and consumers alike.

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    James Arthur Young Design

    James Arthur Young is a full service design agency specializing in product development for consumer products and equipment. Our goal is to partner with companies to create innovative solutions that exceed users expectations for quality, beauty, and functionality.

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    Espiritu Design

    Espiritu Design is an industrial design and product development firm committed to providing creativity, business support, and economic impact. Espiritu Design carries a strong belief in developing products for our clients which enhance life experiences.

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    Red Dog Run

    Red Dog Run is a select team of seasoned and accomplished industry designers whose extensive careers cross the fields of product design, trend forecasting, merchandising and manufacturing.

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    Holsinger Design

    Holsinger Design is a design firm founded in 2002 by Phil Holsinger, which offers clients a focused, dedicated and honest approach to their product development needs. With over twenty years designing consumer and juvenile products, HD brings perspective, solid project management skills and a proven design philosophy to address varied program initiatives and create inspired design solutions.

  17. SchmietaPlus


    SchmietaPlus is a Boston based product design studio dedicated to creating unique, iconic, innovative and user-friendly products. Collaborating across disciplines, our industrial design projects range from user research and insights
 collection, to concept exploration and product development, to packaging design. Spanning diverse brands and industries, SchmietaPlus focuses on industrial design and user experience for point of sale, life science and consumer products.

  18. ANDesign Lab

    ANDesign Lab

    ANDesign Lab is an industrial design consultancy based in Orange County, California. Our four-phase process includes concept design, 3D CAD modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing of meaningful products that deliver a fulfilling experience to the end-user.

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    Cardboard Helicopter

    Cardboard Helicopter is a product design and development company that develops elegant solutions for new and innovative products. We work directly with inventors and companies.

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    Richard Holbrook

    Since 1985, Richard Holbrook has created award winning products for clients including Herman Miller, Thermador, Tropitone, Teknion, and Virco Mfg.

  21. Ooblec


    Ooblec is a lean, global design strategy group that adapts to your business needs. We are experts in the flow of creation and the ever-changing requirements of people. We change based on the forces exerted on us and you. Our team is always evolving to help our clients thrive and adapt above the competition.

  22. Platform Product Design

    Platform Product Design

    Platform Product Design is a small and versatile product design & engineering studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. With our scalable network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers, we offer a lean and affordable solution to new product development and prototyping for small startups or large corporations.

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    Treat and Company

    Treat and Company is a Minneapolis design firm specializing in product development, surface design, trend research and ideation. Treat creates amazing products-trend-inspired and awe-inspiring.

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    Sacha Lakic

    Award winning design studio established 1994 by Sacha Lakic, a creatively driven industrial designer. The studio produces contemporary design mastering various fields including furniture, automotive design, architecture, fashion, high tech and luxury products.

  25. Babled Design

    Babled Design

    Babled Design is a creative design consultancy for industrial products. A network of collaborators develop projects for large scale productions with Emmanuel Babled as creative director.

  26. Remion Design

    Remion Design

    Remion Design is a creative agency founded in 2014 in Budapest. We specialize in industrial design, branding, UI/UX design and wayfinding design.

  27. Lucidream


    Lucidream is a product design and development company, devoted to quality, innovation, environment, ergonomics and aesthetics. Our industrial designers work with variety of materials, to develop meaningful products.

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    Mellem is a design agency that creates experiences and tells stories through products and services.

  29. Springtime Design

    Springtime Design

    Springtime Design is a creative force that creates exciting and paradigm-shifting products and brands in the field of mobility, juvenile products, consumer electronics and sports. We are based in Amsterdam and have our tentacles all over the globe. Our clients include Nike, Dell, Coca-Cola and Toyota.