Industrial Design Studios

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  1. ID Group

    ID Group

    ID Group offers award winning industrial design, product development, and prototyping services for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. Our forward thinking designers are on the cutting edge of manufacturable and marketable design solutions for your new product design.

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    One Off Effects

    One Off Effects is located in Southern California in the greater Los Angeles area. We have a design and fabrication team that's worked for Disney, Boeing, Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works Division, Navair, Sandia Labs, Fiskar Automotive, Magnuson Superchargers, Fox and Mazda. The skill sets of our highly trained staff and affiliates, complement each other to offer a complete line of services for your needs. We provide clients with attentive consultation and guarantee fast turnaround because what we do is both our work and our passion.

  3. Two at Six

    Two at Six

    Two at Six helps brands connect with their audiences in a more meaningful & tactile way. From design conception through to manufacture we combine over 20 years of industry know-how and award winning design experience to deliver effective yet beautiful solutions to our clients.

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    SchultzeWORKS is a full-service industrial design firm specializing in the design of consumer electronics, housewares, furniture and lighting.

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    Montgomery Pfeifer

    For almost two decades, Montgomery Pfeifer has developed product and brand identities that are both unmistakable and compelling. MontgomeryPfeifer offers creative talent, confident passion for design and analytical understanding of its values - all applied in a process that is efficient, timely and flexible.

    San Francisco, CA, United States
  6. NEODI


    NEODI is a product design studio that provides services to companies who want to innovate and enhance the competitiveness of its products.

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    Notus Design

    Notus Design is composed by two products designers much in love with design and with what it can do to people.

  8. Bambú Studio

    Bambú Studio

    Bambú Studio is a creative agency focused on product design, specialized in the field of product creation and development, as well as how each product is brought to the market.

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    Henninge is an industrial design company creating beautiful design solutions for clients who value real solutions with gifted mechanical understanding.

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    Steinhobel Design

    Steinhobel Design's mission is to design products for their clients, which will vastly increase profitability and market share, through their excellence.

  11. Vosq


    Vosq is a product design studio, based in Moscow.

  12. Eravolution


    Eravolution is a studio for industrial design and innovation. We believe that the future is about bringing positive changes to daily lives without causing negative impacts to the environment. Our studio discovers design solutions through engaging in scientific research and the understanding of nature's systems. The studio was founded in 2010 in London and now based in Hong Kong. Our work is positioned as Hong Kong design influenced by a synthesis of oriental cultures and occidental design principles.

  13. Studio Doozy

    Studio Doozy

    Studio Doozy is a healthcare and lifestyle design & technology consultancy based in Hong Kong. Founded by Emily Tang and Joan Calduch, the studio focuses on building products and experiences that improve people's lives. Studio Doozy works with a bottom-up approach, engaging the end-user throughout the design process and applying design thinking methodologies to solve our clients' problems and deliver unique experiences.

  14. Shibuleru


    Shibuleru directs design for industrial production that benefits from an ease and richness of experience ranging from graphics to architectural interventions.

  15. ACLA Studio

    ACLA Studio

    ACLA is a design and innovation consultancy based in Los Angeles with an industrial design and engineering focus. We embrace brands and customer needs to design unique experiences. Our expertise and our culture of innovation are what drives us to define the future of products and transportation.

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    Chrome Cherry

    Chrome Cherry Design Studio is a young and vibrant industrial design consultancy who understands the need for innovative and effective product development.

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    Salient provides innovative industrial design, rapid prototyping, 3D Printing, ideation, engineering, strategy, form and function for leading brands that what to achieve a competitive edge in their marketplace.

  18. Phase Two

    Phase Two

    Phase Two is an agile + progressive industrial product design agency formed to take on the future. We offer agile and progressive design services by focusing on where we add value to what is most important. This approach maximizes the return on design investment. We are passionate about design and the positive change it can enable. We combine that passion with a broad commercial experience so we embed the interplay between design and business throughout our approach.

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    Credo specializes in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, research, and prototyping.

  20. Scandinavian Designers

    Scandinavian Designers

    Scandinavian Designers was originally founded in 1982 by Professor Gideon Loewy under the name Loewy Design Denmark. From our studio in Copenhagen, Denmark we serviced top Danish clients such as Bang & Olufsen, Royal Cen and Louis Poulsen. From 1990, we began to work with European and then American clients, and in 1995 our operations expanded into Asia.

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    Espiritu Design

    Espiritu Design is an industrial design and product development firm committed to providing creativity, business support, and economic impact. Espiritu Design carries a strong belief in developing products for our clients which enhance life experiences.

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    James Arthur Young Design

    James Arthur Young is a full service design agency specializing in product development for consumer products and equipment. Our goal is to partner with companies to create innovative solutions that exceed users expectations for quality, beauty, and functionality.

  23. Babled Design

    Babled Design

    Babled Design is a creative design consultancy for industrial products. A network of collaborators develop projects for large scale productions with Emmanuel Babled as creative director.

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    Red Dog Run

    Red Dog Run is a select team of seasoned and accomplished industry designers whose extensive careers cross the fields of product design, trend forecasting, merchandising and manufacturing.

  25. ANDesign Lab

    ANDesign Lab

    ANDesign Lab is an industrial design consultancy based in Orange County, California. Our four-phase process includes concept design, 3D CAD modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing of meaningful products that deliver a fulfilling experience to the end-user.

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    Holsinger Design

    Holsinger Design is a design firm founded in 2002 by Phil Holsinger, which offers clients a focused, dedicated and honest approach to their product development needs. With over twenty years designing consumer and juvenile products, HD brings perspective, solid project management skills and a proven design philosophy to address varied program initiatives and create inspired design solutions.

  27. Sprout Studios

    Sprout Studios

    Sprout is an award-winning, Boston-based concept to launch design studio deeply rooted in today's pop culture and technology. Our multi-disciplinary team fuses innovation, creativity, and instinct to design authentic lifestyle-driven products, brands, and experiences to grow your business.

  28. Francois Hurtaud Design

    Francois Hurtaud Design

    François Hurtaud is an eponymous design studio founded in Hong Kong aimed at delivering sustainable products and manufacturing approaches on consumer goods for the industries. The award-winning studio is dedicated to accompanying its clients throughout their design, development and industrialization process in collaboration with manufacturing leaders to realize timeless products along with crafting meaningful brand identities.

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    Richard Holbrook

    Since 1985, Richard Holbrook has created award winning products for clients including Herman Miller, Thermador, Tropitone, Teknion, and Virco Mfg.