Urban Design News

  1. Spaces of Action - Designing and Using the Public Realm for Change

    Spaces of Action: Designing and Using the Public Realm for Change

    The past decade has seen a renaissance in the design and construction of the public spaces in New York and other major cities, producing vital new plazas, parks, pedestrian streets, and waterfront areas. While the proliferation of these spaces has visibly enhanced the experience of urban social and cultural life, has this growth in the designed public realm also successfully expanded opportunities for political assembly, speech and dissent?

  2. All-Gender - Designing for Equity

    All-Gender: Designing for Equity

    The public restroom has become a symbol of the struggle to end discrimination in public spaces. Even as federal legislation has slowly begun to include public space and restrooms in its anti-discrimination laws, individual states, such as North Carolina and Texas, have since responded with legislation requiring individuals to use toilets based on the sex stated on their birth certificates. As society continues to struggle with this divisive issue, it is has become necessary for design professionals to propose thoughtful plans for public space to be fully gender-inclusive.

  3. ArDe - A New Contemporary Architecture, Landscape and Design Fair

    ArDe: A New Contemporary Architecture, Landscape and Design Fair

    ArDe is a new concept 8-day exhibition and conference that will, for the first time, unite the disciplines of architecture, art, design, development, property, technology and finance. It will ask big questions about how the city can change and adapt to respond to new paradigms, swelling populations and global markets, proposing ways for all those involved in the urban fabric to work together to create resilient, sustainable and beautiful cities.